The shot of tennis (top spin) and its tactical importance

The shot of tennis (top spin) and its tactical importance

September 12, 2017

If you are one of those players who have a very powerful tennis first serve. But your second serve is loose, you are giving away many points to your opponent in your tennis matches. Since with a second loose serve your opponents will take the opportunity to attack and dominate the point.

Tactical advice for the tennis shot

The shot of tennis (top spin) and its tactical importance

The shot of tennis (top spin) and its tactical importance

This short article I created it to give you the first light on how you can start solving this problem. For this, I will give you a series of recommendations that I believe will be able to help you and will be a starting point in this process. As well as to see the tactical impact it has on your game dominating the server lifted or also known as the serve of tennis with top spin.

Note that,

If your problem is that your second serve is too predictable and does not hurt your opponent. I recommend that you start to introduce effects in your second serve. One of them can be the top spin. In this way, you get a tactical advantage in your second serves without having to give him so much power.

Although you are not yet a technical expert in this type of effect and even less know how to apply it to your tennis. It is important that you are aware of what you can achieve with this effect from a tactical point of view. So that, in this way you can go to your classes and train the technical aspect that will allow you to master it. Now with a clearer why remember that why your motivational fuel. For this reason, before mastering this blow you must know the impact you will have in your tactical game.

As a tennis teacher and mental coach

I always remind you that in everything in life to be willing to pay the price of something is necessary that you can see the promise as clear as possible. In tennis training, this premise is no exception. For this reason, you can see clearly what you can do with this effect in your tennis service but from a tactical point of view. Clearly, see the improvement of your tennis game and be able to see clearly how this new skill can help to win games that you lost before. Then pay the price of long hours practicing this new blow until dominating. It will be possible for you without quickly falling into abandonment for lack of motivation.

The shot of tennis (top spin) and its tactical importance

The shot of tennis (top spin) and its tactical importance


Mastering the effects on your tennis draws will bring variability in your types of hits and therefore you will cease to be so predictable. Since if you always take flat and fast, there will come a time where your rival will know what you will do and even perfect during the party how to counteract this type of serves. So, it is important to learn to draw with effects, this way you can vary your types of serves and you will be a less predictable player.

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Our recommendation

I recommend that you fool your opponent with rhythm changes in your tennis drafts and these changes can be easily achieved by combining the topspin, slice and flat effects in your tennis drafts.

For example, a tennis spin with a higher spin effect will make your ball bounce higher and your opponent will be forced to return the serve defensively and if you manage to direct your tennis serve upside down from your opponent you will get annoyed even more since this effect the other setback is very uncomfortable.

Remember that the kick with spike effect will not only help you in your rhythm changes but also can help you to give a bigger angle to your balls getting your opponent out of track in the return of your loot.

As you see,

Learning to dominate only this effect in your tennis serve will make you a player more complete and less predictable for your opponents which will help to win much more complicated matches.