The Best Tennis Anecdotes

December 19, 2016

Even with the memory of the London Masters fresh in our minds, we can already find the great Davis Cup final tennis on the horizon of our weekend (yes, we know it’s Monday, but we want to motivate ourselves). This year, the big finalists are Belgium and Great Britain, who will compete for this prestigious trophy in Ghent.

On the occasion of one of the most important events in world tennis, from Sprinter, we bring you a collection of the best stories of tennis throughout its history. Although some are more curious than others, all tennis reveal that promotes solidarity, the teamwork, and overcoming.

  • The day the track was stained pink

In 2012, Roland Garros wanted to pay homage to women athletes on the occasion of Women’s Day in France with a very special nod: a pink clay court. In addition to changing the usual playing surface, the tournament invited several of the tournament’s most famous players to play matches at this track. Godmother of the event was Chris Evert, who may ring a bell for being the player who won seven times this tournament.

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

  • To bad weather, good face!

One of the most curious stories that have left us the history of tennis is that of the tennis player Djokovic with his fitness. In one match the assistant was covering the tennis player with an umbrella when he invited him to sit with him to protect himself from the rain. Djokovic proved that he is not only a racket star but also has a very human side.

  • Nadal and his illusion to overcome

Considered one of the best players in tennis history and the best of all time in tennis clay , Rafa Nadal could be an anecdote itself by a large number of victories that accumulates behind. But the true anecdote of this whole success race is found in his biography, Where he tells how Rafa first cried after losing a game because he had not trained enough. His eagerness to surpass himself … has been marked since he was eleven!

  • Federer: gentleman on and off the track

The tennis player James Blake went through a complicated moment when he broke his neck in a training session in Rome. When he was in the hospital, the doctor of the tournament that was disputing went to visit him and took a very special note to him: it was of Roger Federer. The note said, “I hope you’re better, I’m sorry to hear what happened.” Blake was very impressed by this emotional detail that he was able to thank him as soon as possible. ‘ It means a lot to me that you really worry about your teammates ‘ he said.

Of these great players, we do not only learn to make the best pitches, we also learn an important lesson for life: to mark the best the point should never lose sight of humanity.