Tennis forehand tips

Tennis Forehand Tips for More Topspin and Power

December 13, 2019

You know how to improve the right blow in tennis, but you do not understand where to start? From our Tennis blog, we give you some practical tennis forehand tips to avoid some of the most typical mistakes made by amateur players.

Tennis forehand tips

Compared to the reverse blow or improve the tennis serve, the so-called tennis forehand or right-hand punch is one of the least complexities it could entail. However, it can be a real workhorse for those who start in this sport.

Of the different right blows in tennis, it could be said that the flat right is one of the easiest to learn since the difficulty of execution is less than in the lifted or the cut. Preparation, impact, and completion are the primary phases of the right.

How to improve the forehand stroke of tennis

To improve the right blow in tennis or drive, we must be clear about some following fundamental points:

Tennis forehand tips

-One of the first factors to consider is the type of grip that we are going to use because depending on the game tactics that we have planned, one modality or another will be more useful.

-One of them is the so-called continental hilt, through which we will take the racket as if it were a hammer. It is ideal for beginners who have trouble making the change between the drive hit and backward fluently. You can also perform flat strokes, being very difficult to give the tennis ball a lifted effect.

-West handgrip is another of the movements, leaving the hand under the fist of the racket, which makes us have a lot of strength in the wrist to be able to make the right blow with safety and control. The handle can be used to make very lifted drive shots, and cannot be used for flat drive shots. This west grip is usually used by players who play at the bottom of the track and on slow surfaces such as dirt tracks.

-Another type of grip, is the so-called east grip, using which the palm will be behind the racket handle, which will also allow us to have more strength in the wrist. It is ideal for playing on fast tennis courts such as greenest, cement, grass, or wood. Players who upload a lot to the network use it frequently.

-When we look at the direction that our opponent has thrown, the first thing we can do is a turn of the shoulders in the direction where the ball is going. With this turn, we can position ourselves on the side of the net, and the body positioned correctly to perform the blow. Unless you are expert playing tennis, all the punches you perform must be carried out sideways.

-With regard to the position of the feet. It is time to hit the right in tennis. The body must remain perpendicular to the net. For right-handed players, the tip of the right foot should be pointing to the net post on our left and the left foot parallel to the net.

Tennis forehand tips

-For the movement of the racket, the handle of the latter must be back at waist level. Once the racket handle is aligned perpendicular to the net, we stop for a few seconds and wait to have the ball one meter ahead of us. When this time comes, we bring the head forward of the tennis racket quickly.

-The impact of the ball on the racket must occur at the waist and about 10 centimeters in front of our body. It will be at this point when we can control the ball and transmit the weight of our body without difficulties. At the moment of impact, the ball must remain perpendicular to the ground.

-As for the position of the elbow. It is very important that during the whole movement of the drive stroke, the elbow of the arm that holds the racket is attached to the body. We can have more control over the ball and more strength.

-It is very important to finish the right punch in tennis with the racket above our left shoulder and to pick up the racket neck with the left hand.

-When we finish the blow, we must return to the center of the track, running sideways and over the toes. To wait for the next blow of the adversary in the waiting position we have been commenting before.

Have you practiced some of these tennis forehand tips to improve the right punch in tennis or drive punch?