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6 strength training tips for playing tennis (For women)

It is no myth to say that muscles burn more calories than fat. For this reason, among others, many women want and want to gain muscle volume in their bodies. But, where should we start strength training? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the minimum recommendation for strength training is twice a week. But this is not the only advice that we are going to give you today, no, because you must attend to these other six that will make your life better. Read More “6 strength training tips for playing tennis (For women)”

Tips And Hints When Playing Tennis

Tips And Hints When Playing Tennis

Higher technical tennis games and strokes could make the big difference between getting a good regular player along with an extraordinary player. The actual secrets of increasing your tennis focus get started on knowing the basics of planet tennis stroke. There are not so many variations among a four. Participant than the usual four. five participants in addition to some. five participant usually has a much better approach to tennis games. Read More “Tips And Hints When Playing Tennis”