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The collection of best tennis rackets of 2018

To play tennis well you need many factors so that once on the pitch you can take all the necessary points to get champion. Some experts think it’s the footwork, others a good strategy or technique. On the other hand, they talk about the sports equipment you have. This will be very important since it is not the same to give the ball with a racket of poor quality than another that is made with good materials. So, you can improve your game and destroy your opponent, we have compared the best tennis racquets you will find in the market. Read More “The collection of best tennis rackets of 2018”

Choosing a Racket

Choosing a Racket

When it comes to choosing tennis racket there are several things to keep in mind. The power level, the amount of control, the weight, the grip, the balance, the head size, the length and the string pattern are all factors that determine the game characteristics and how comfortable the racket can be for your hand.

Power Level

As a general rule, the more power a racquet produces, the less control you’ll have over it. There are three main categories of tennis rackets, designed to suit players of any skill level. Read More “Choosing a Racket”

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Understand the specific qualities of a tennis racket

Step 1: Keep in mind that a larger head will transfer more power to the ball in the stroke. The larger the head, the more power you will hit the ball, as long as the other factors remain constant (racket length, swing, etc.). This feature is one of the most important when choosing a racquet, since, normally, more power means less control. Do you often hit the ball too hard or, on the other hand, do you need extra power without disturbing your swing? Check the size of the head of your current racket and make adjustments according to your needs. Read More “Understand the specific qualities of a tennis racket”