Real Secret of Beach Tennis

Do You Know The Real Secret of Beach Tennis? Read Now

March 27, 2020

Discovering the secret of beach tennis with an exceptional guest. The world’s number one beach tennis player Marco Garavini. After deepening the psychophysical benefits of beach tennis and after observing its ability to push an athlete in search of its limit.

Our analysis of this fascinating sport now moves on its playful aspect and on its ability to involve both the neophyte and the most experienced user. To dig deeper into this aspect, we had the honor to speak no less than with Marco Garavini. He is the number 1 in the world as well as Master Beach Tennis School. Keep reading: 3 Types of Tennis Skills and Techniques You Should Know.

The analysis of Marco obviously starts from the athletic aspect. His words confirm what was said by the previous guests of this column: few other disciplines are so effective in donating “Greater tonicity to the leg muscles” and helping “To strengthen knees and ankles since you work on the unstable ground like sand “. Not to mention the discourse related to physical resistance.

Real Secret of Beach Tennis

Beach tennis: a match pulls the other

Also about the psychological aspect, Marco confirms the impressions already experienced in recent weeks. It’s a fun sport for everyone. So what is the real strength and secret of beach tennis? Probably the fact that when you start, then you do not stop anymore. Practicing it mainly on the beach, under the sun, where you can breathe good air. It leads everyone to get passionate immediately! If you add to this then that playing outdoors is no longer a necessary condition, the game is done.

People approach this discipline because thanks to the indoor facilities you can play all year round in the heat. It is also straightforward to organize a game, just be in four or even just two if you want to play a singular. But above all, there are plenty of opportunities to test yourself. Many tournaments of any level are organized: for amateurs, for professionals but also for sports associations.

Beach tennis: the importance of having a methodReal Secret of Beach Tennis

More and more young people are approaching the secret of beach tennis. Many of them wish to pursue a professional career. For this reason, Marco emphasizes the importance of having a high-level teaching method. He believes that for the growth of young talents it is important to have a method like the BTS. Like us, they have dedicated 24 hours a the study of the improvement of game techniques. A quality of teaching that is not always easy to find. Unfortunately, as in many other sports, there are so many people who improvise, hurting both the growth of this sport and the whole movement.

A valid secret of beach tennis teaching method is also important in the process of involving a person who approaches beach tennis. Surely our method is one of the reasons that leads students to take an interest in our school. The quality of the teaching and the professionalism that they then find during the lessons tend to motivate them. Also, make them more and more passionate about this sport. You may like also: Why sore muscles after a workout?