How to quickly learn tennis?

January 9, 2017

If you have a childhood dream to play tennis, you learn to do it is never too late. The most important thing – it’s your desire. The rest will come with time and, of course, with regular workouts.

A half-hour intensive exercise will help to burn 300 to 500 calories, which means that tennis lessons to help get rid of the extra kilos.

In the course of the game are utilized almost all the major muscle groups, so that your body will be fit and relief.

Tennis will significantly increase the speed of reaction because to hit the ball, you must first notice it, and then immediately move and make a sudden movement.

This game improves brain activity as a whole because in the course of its player should plan in advance to think through every action.

You will improve coordination; agility movements will gain and learn to control the body.

Training normalizes the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, thereby significantly improving the operation of almost all organs and body systems (because they are starting to get a lot more oxygen and nutrients from the blood).

Tennis Classes help boost immunity, give courage and will give a boost of energy.

Tennis Classes are some contraindications:

play tennis

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Some vessels or heart disease: heart failure, hypertension, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and others.

Severe respiratory diseases

Joint diseases: arthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis, Injuries.

The period of serious exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Diseases of the spine, such as herniated discs, low back pain.

Common systemic diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, vacuities) in the acute stage.

What will it take for the game of tennis?

The first step – is the choice of equipment:

Racket – the main tool of any tennis player. How to choose a racket? Beginners acquire professional makes no sense, because it is not cheap, and if not handled properly (trust me, it is the first time such a will) may break. There are several important selection criteria. The first – is the area of the surface of the string. What it will be more, the easier it will be to get the ball, but the less accurate the shots. It is better to find a middle ground. The second criterion – the weight of the racket. Usually, it ranges from 250 to 450 grams. The heavier the racquet, the more powerful will be a hit, but the more difficult it will be to hold in their hands. An easy racquet to keep a lot easier, but make powerful strikes it will not allow. The ideal weight for a novice player female – 260-280 grams, and for men – about 320-350 grams. The third criterion – the handle. Dimensions handles are denoted by numbers. Knobs 1 and 2 sizes suitable for children and girls with miniature palms. Dimensions 3 and 4 fit the average man, and size 5 for people with very broad palm. Finally, the last criterion – the composition of the string. It is better to choose a racquet with synthetic strings, it will be more affordable and quite durable.

Ball. It is best to buy a sports ball, he has an optimum weight and more durable and robust.

Clothing. It is better to choose easy and comfortable clothes are not prevented from moving. It may be, for example, top and skirt or shirt with tight shorts. For outdoor games in the spring or autumn, you can purchase a tracksuit. That hair does not stay out of the face, get a sports bandage on his head. If the game is played outdoors, get an easy light cap made of natural fabrics.

Footwear. It is advisable to buy shoes that will provide the necessary support to the foot. The sole of rubber should be quite thick and ensures proper cushioning. Choose a high enough sneakers to protect your joints. And to his feet to “breathe”, it is advisable to buy shoes made of natural materials.

Rules of the game

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As a beginner to quickly learn how to play tennis? First of all, we should learn the rules of the game. A few important points:

Court. The lines extending along the length of the court are called side, and lines indicating the width – rear. Court mesh width divided into two equal parts. Furthermore, there is a central line that is perpendicular to the rear and connects them together. Also, lines are marked and the service zone. court boundaries are the outer edges of the rear and sidelines.

Innings. First played by lot and carried to the right of the center line, then after each point, the players have moved location. To intercede for the line – a violation of the rules. The first touch of the ball hitting the net or out (outside of court), the player is given the right to resubmission.

Hitting the ball. You need to hit the ball after one of his touch on the court, or to touch (on the fly). But first, serve bounces until touching. If the ball was out of bounds, the strike is not counted. The ball grid but crashed on the side of the enemy, it will be counted. If the ball touches the body was repelled to the intersection of the grid lines, or a player touched the racket rack or grid, the points will not be counted.

Match. A game may consist of three or five sets. And each set consists of at least 6 games. The exact length of the match is not defined.

Points. The first successful hit brings 15 points, the second 15 more, and the third – 10. The fourth blow is the victory. Winning difference should be at least two goals. To win the game you can, beating 4-ball rallies. The set won the first player to win 6 games (the opponent has to win no more than 4). The match winner is the one who wins 3 sets out the general 5 or 2 sets of 3.

Tie-Break – a duel to 7 balls with a difference of at least two balls that you want in a tie (6: 6).

Who to train?

Beginner the first time it is better to take lessons from an experienced coach. He will tell you the rules, learn how to hold the racket and beat off the ball, feeding and moving around the court. In addition, a professional coach will be able to deliver a blow and bring it to perfection.

When the technique is fully mastered, you can move on to training with a partner. To find it you’ll be able to sports clubs, which are engaged in local forums beginner tennis players or in social networks.

Where to train?

In fact, to find tennis courts are simple, they are available in almost every city. But first, choose not the most popular and most visited to enjoy the game fully, not to think about time and its lack, and not be embarrassed because of the views of outsiders.

It is worth noting that the beginner who is just starting to learn the basics, it is best to carry out training in the hall, it will be more convenient.

Helpful hints

A few tips for beginners:

Tennis submits not all and not at once, so do not expect a miracle and be patient, it is useful to you.

To hone skills and learn the stroke technique first play in splendid isolation from the wall. Yes, it will help to find the optimum impact force, learn to direct the ball to influence its flight path and move quickly. And only then go to the games with a partner, to understand how to plan and anticipate hitting action rival.

If you start to play with a partner, then do not try to just play on goggles newcomers is sometimes distracting from the game. To get started, try to just keep the ball as long as possible. And when you learn to do this, go to the game on the glasses. Yet remember that excitement and desire to win – two different things. Also be sure to ask a partner to do complex feed and beating to learn to react quickly to shocks.

Do not start the game, if you are angry, or you have a bad mood. Please calm down and come to life.

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