How Intense Are the Training in The Tennis Camps?

March 29, 2017

The court has always been a popular sport and it is therefore not surprising that every summer young people around the world enjoy their holidays brandishing play tennis. Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic or Serena Williams are some of the idols that want to imitate boys and girls around the world, so training in a tennis camp can be very beneficial to learn the basics of the game and learn more about how Are the characteristics of each player.

Of course, before deciding to opt for a tennis camp is essential to know the level of play tennis of the student. Depending on your level, we will be able to select from some campuses aimed at top players, who seek to perfect their tennis with intensive and specialized training, and other camps that are designed for boys and girls of all levels.

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There are many types of campsites, so you will be hard pressed to choose one, as they are highly recommendable. To make the choice easier, we are going to present the different campuses that we have emphasizing the level of intensity and frequency of training of each one of them.

Bruguera Tennis Academy (Barcelona)

Bruguera Tennis Academy is an academy founded by the extenista Luis Bruguera, father of the also extenista Sergi Bruguera. In its summer camp, exhaustive trainings are carried out that reach the 32.5 hours weekly. The sessions are divided into two areas: tactical technical training and physical training. Students who wish can participate in tournaments and compete accompanied by a monitor.

Although it really is a high-performance academy, Bruguera Tennis Academy also has programs for all levels of tennis. More information about Bruguera Tennis Academy.

Camp Rialp (Andorra)

Camp Riap camp training takes place on the fast tracks of the sports center “Los Serradells”. This program is designed for players of any level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and offers 15 hours of training per week.

Academy Ferrer (Benidorm)

Tennis Academy Ferrer was created in 2010 by the extenista Javier Ferrer, brother of the professional tennis player David Ferrer. During the camp, youths have tennis lessons 15 hours a week and can choose between beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

CRT Tennis Academy (Gerona)

The academy Catalunya Tennis Resort offers an intensive and personalized training through two programs available, the improvement and the competition. Both have a 20-hour schedule per week.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays sessions are dedicated to the background pattern (peloteos, footwork, constancy, cross strokes and parallel strokes). On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he plays the pattern of attack (skills, approaches, volleys and smash). Every day the service is practiced.

Sotogrande Tennis Camp

The sports sessions of this camp take place in the San Roque Tennis Club. The campus includes 4 hours of daily training (Monday through Friday). To put into practice everything learned, individual and double level tournaments are organized.

Berlitz (England)

This camp fits the needs of the tennis player with classes for both beginners and experienced players. The young people train on the track 12 hours a week, participating in competitions and tournaments organized by the academy itself.

Nike Tennis Camps (England)

The CMT Learning Tennis Camp offers a choice between high performance and development campuses. The high performance is ideal for professional tennis players and with a very high level. Includes 28 hours of more matches and tennis tournaments.

For its part, the development campus consists of 20 hours of tennis a week and other varied games. This program is aimed at athletes who want to start in the play tennis and aspire to improve their basic knowledge. More information about Nike Tennis Camps.

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Exsportise (England)

The training program for this campus is conducted at three different venues (Clayesmore School, Oundle School and Seaford College). It is open to players of all levels and each student exercises for 15 hours a week.

IMG Florida (United States)

Training in tennis camps IMG Florida custom tennis programs include a 20-hour weekly class schedule and feature the celebrated Bollettieri method. This tennis academy is, for many experts, the best known in the world and an authentic reference in the formation of great stars of this sport.

ISP France

The ISP tennis academy is one of the most prestigious schools of this sport at European level. It offers its students two training options: semi-intensive or intensive camp. Both programs include an hour and a half daily practice session of fitness. In the semi-intensive mode two hours of tennis are worked per day, while in the intensive camp 4 hours are dedicated daily to improve the level of play.

Emerald Ireland

The David Lloid Center School runs from beginners to more experienced students. Weekly, youth receive 10 hours of tennis training in small work groups.

As you can see, all programs are quite complete and offer training of all kinds and with a different number of hours. Now it’s up to you to choose the most suitable one for what you are looking for with your child.