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Fitness tips for the tennis enthusiasts

March 25, 2022

As elegant as the game seems, Tennis requires a ton of hard work and effort. And it always begins with a healthy and fit body. Of course, anyone can learn Tennis but, to improve your game you need to concentrate on fitness too.

Fitness doesn’t just include exercises but diet and other lifestyle changes too. Although having a professional to guide you with the tips is always helpful because they will understand your requirements and customize your fitness routine.

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Strength training

Tennis as a sport examines your power’s endurance. So, you need to exercise and train your body accordingly. Gone are the days when the athletes would run on a treadmill or perform deadlifts on a regular basis. To stay on the top of the game, you should be able to control your body and its movements.

Trainings like Bi-lateral strength is the holy grail for any tennis athletes as it allows them to build strength for the whole body. Every action including serving, attacking, and defensing should be quick and precise. To get that level of control you need to improve the aerobic capacity. Other strengths like expressing force, absorbing it and improving the speed in different directions are also crucial.


The higher the strength, the heavier the tension. It is given that the body is highly assertive during the match sessions so, the muscles and joints bear tension for a longer duration. While you train your body to be active, it also needs some stretches to relax the muscles.

Do regular stretches before or after the sessions to maintain body’s flexibility and mobility. If not, yoga can always be included in the training sessions. The customized asanas will not only release the body tensions, but it also relaxes the mind – which is a crucial factor while playing the game.

The right diet

Our body requires the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and water. Any fluctuations result to unhealthy body. Maintaining an accurate diet as per you bodily requirements is crucial. Learn about your body’s surplus & deficiencies and moderate it with the right food.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Be cautious when having carbonated drinks. Consider consuming vegetable fats over animal fats because they have higher calories and digests quickly. Hence, producing more energy within a short time.

Review and Feedback

While all the above points are imperative to becoming a pro at tennis. They are of no use if you don’t learn from the past mistakes and improve from them. Instead of wondering whether you’ve hit the shot the way you thought, record yourself and watch.

You’d get most of the feedback from recording the games you’ve played and thus won’t have to depend on someone to review your moves. Improve from your weaknesses and play with different set of players as much as possible. This helps you understand different strategies of playing.

Final thoughts

As the saying goes, practice makes the person perfect! The more you involve in different tournaments, the higher you evolve as a player. Winning or loosing shouldn’t matter as long as you enjoy playing the game.