Federer Reveals The Secret of His Success In 2017

March 21, 2017

Many still wonder how it is possible to return to this level after many months standing at that level with 35 years. Federer reveals the secret of his great change.

Many were looking forward to seeing Roger Federer again on a tennis court in 2017 after six months away from the tracks. There were few who hoped that he would win great titles again, and many were content to keep seeing him. The Swiss have completely broken all the schemes and nobody, not even himself, expected a return as triumphant as it is having. With an ultra-offensive game and more damaging than ever, Federer is astonishing everyone by his game. Roger himself last week at Indian Wells revealed the secret behind his success in 2017.

The secret has two culprits: his new racket and his coach, Ivan Ljubicic. 

After his first-round match at Indian Wells against Nadal, Federer passed Tennis Live’s microphones and explained that he is now able to get on track much easier than ever. “Remaining on my back, I am able to start dominating my opponents from the start. This is important to keep them defenseless and to know that they have to be careful from there. I am able to be able to hit the ball very soon, boat High, and with the shoulder well placed, “continues the Swiss.

Asked how such a drastic change from his setback, which is now a potent weapon, Roger stands out is what has influenced his new racket. “My old racket helped me a lot to my slice. Also to my right. My right hand was amazing with her. But with this new one, I am able to find much more power and find the hit in a simpler way without hitting as many reeds. Confidence and that is noticed in the beating. That’s why I think it is working so well. I myself am surprised how it is doing, “he says.

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Tennis Channel March 16, 2017.

In the middle of last year, the Swiss announced that he would use a new racquet, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. His knee injury prevented him from releasing it in 2016 and it was not until this time in 2017 that we saw him use it in the competition. “I think my setback has improved because I’ve been able to work it for many hours with the new racquet,” said Federer, giving credit to his coach for the work done in the latter part of 2016. “During the preseason, I worked Very much the reverse to take root in my game system. For that, I also needed a lot of footwork because, without him, I could not get to the ball well, “he said.

Ivan Ljubicic once analyzed the characteristics of his new racket with Roger, devised with him that specific training plan during the preseason, a plan to improve his setback. The Croatian trainer thus shows that his figure is also very important for the improvement of Federer after many doubted if he would really bring something to the Swiss when his appointment was announced.

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In that new racket, the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, Federer himself participated in the design and certainly made it looking to improve on the part of his setback. The main difference from the Pro Staff 97, the previous model, is that the heart of the racket is 10% larger. That point makes you find the punches easier and feel the ball like never before. Also, the frame is thicker, allowing you to generate more power to your shots. In short, the perfect weapon for your style of play.

Therefore, these two great factors, coupled with Roger Federer’s desire to continue working and improving his 35 years, are the great secret behind the success of the Swiss in 2017 that is resulting from “fairy tale” for him, as He confessed yesterday after getting the title at Indian Wells.