electrical muscle stimulation benefits

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Benefits for Tennis Players

September 2, 2019

In this society in which we find ourselves, it is increasingly common to save the time we have. We do not have it infinite, and every day is an exercise of maximum use. Electro stimulators result from years of study, making it possible, without leaving home and effortlessly, to train muscles to improve a person’s physical condition, and for therapeutic purposes. If you are interested in knowing how an electro stimulator is used and electrical muscle stimulation benefits, read on as we will answer these questions and many more.

Electrical muscle stimulation benefits

The use of electro stimulators provides the Body with many benefits. One of the most recognized is that it increases the activity performed by the muscle. It makes the contractions of the muscle much more effective. Therefore, enhancing the effectiveness of the Body’s movement.

Sometimes, fatigue and fatigue comes from the mind itself. We have to coordinate to perform each of the movements, on the contrary, using this type of devices. We can perform more repetitions of each exercise, and the duration of it will be older. So, we will train much more and better.

One of the biggest advantages is that thanks to its compact size. It can be used anywhere, either sitting on the sofa, in bed or anywhere else. At the time you prefer, without waiting for good weather.

This type of exercise ensures that, in less time. We have results that are more in line with what we are looking for. So, it will save a lot of time, being able to use the rest for any other task.

Use of electro-stimulators

One of the most used techniques in the field of rehabilitation is electrostimulation, mainly because the person cannot move correctly. In any other case, it would have serious problems, as different muscles could atrophy. The result of recovery would be neither as fast nor as effective with these types of tools.

How does it work?

There are many functions that it fulfills, and many of which are used not only for therapeutic issues but also for those who want to improve their shape. It is an excellent muscle enhancer, eliminating contractures and increasing strength, as well as making them joints work better, without pain. Occasionally, there may be muscular atrophy because the patient has been bedridden for a long time since this process of deterioration is avoided with the use of electro-stimulators.

The electrostimulators have different frequencies to work in different functions. For example, the milder ones will serve to activate the muscle, slowing the muscular atrophy and therefore, making the person feel healthy. However, when we increase the level of strength of electrical stimuli will improve strength, endurance and other benefits for the Body will be obtained. It is essential in these cases; the regulation of this power is always from lower to higher. If a person applies a maximum intensity, it can have the opposite result than expected. So, it is better to go slowly not to end up injured.

How to place the electrostimulators?

In the event that we are performing a rehabilitation therapy, the advisable thing will always be that the electrodes are placed in that place of the Body that we feel the pain — having to review at all times, the indications that will appear in the manual that will come with the device. When we want to strengthen muscle strength, what we have to do is place it in two different areas.

Contraindications of electrostimulators

These electrical appliances also have several contraindications, since not everyone can use them. Within this field would enter those people who wear pacemakers, because it could completely modify the rhythm they carry. Nor can it be used by pregnant women or in extreme temperatures of more than 38 degrees. Nor can it be used with tumors or cancer, or when you have a wound in the area to work or varicose veins, as it can complicate circulation.