Benefits of Muay Thai

Benefits of Muay Thai for women

July 14, 2019

Although it is seen as a violent sport, this martial art of Thai origin has become very famous among women. Thanks to the benefits of Muay Thai. It is excellent for losing weight, speeding up the mind and giving confidence to the practitioner.

It will help you balance your body and mind, this is the perfect option, and if you are a girl and you worry a little, calm. Today, we will tell you the benefits of Muay Thai for women and that’s how you feel.

Benefits of Muay Thai

Considered within the MMA or Mixed Martial Arts in its translation, this sport is based on a combination of techniques between legs, knees, arms, and elbows. Thanks to the need to receive and kick, Muay Thai is excellent for toning your legs. Therefore, many people have asked if you practice Muay Thai is dangerous. As long as it is done with care and following the teacher’s instructions, Muay Thai should not be dangerous. However, like any other martial art, there is always a minimum risk of hurting yourself.

Benefits of Muay Thai

In the case of women, it is ideal to eliminate cellulite behind the thighs and to strengthen them due to all the effort put into them in each kick or combined movement. In this process, the glutes are also included, which take firmness by the exercise performed by the whole muscle and the body.

In addition, the Muay Thai can give a lot of security to the woman, since she will be able to learn to defend herself in case of being face to face with an attacker.

Muay Thai thins

Thai boxing requires the whole body to be carried out. The arms and legs are used in the whole process. The hips and waist are involved due to the movements and rotations required for certain combinations.

In the case of the hips, it is excellent to improve the flexibility of the area and, with this, pain or more serious complications are prevented. Such as problems in the spine. It is not recommended for people with back problems due to its high impact. Also, it is excellent for relieving pain. So, if you have any problem of this type, talk to your doctor to assess the risks and benefits.

When it comes to the waist, it is highly indicated for all those women whose abdominal area is a problem. The rotations required for the sport exercise the waist and abs. This resulted in a loss of weight in that area.

Muay Thai tone

It is proven that Muay Thai is one of the most complete sports and is highly recommended to tone every part of your body. We already told you that it helps with the legs and the waist but in the upper part of the body. It has a phenomenal function. Thanks to everything required, the arms, back, and shoulders are the first strengthened and toned.

Remember that it is a contact sport where hits are offered. The forces exerted help a lot to generate muscles in the biceps or to strengthen them in case of having a little extra fat.

It does not supplant the weights, but it is excellent for marking the back. This is one of the fears of women. Many think that so much muscle will be generated throughout the process that they will look masculine or lose their body shape. All the strength used in this sport is enough to keep you toned, but not to develop muscles excessively.

Benefits of Muay Thai

Muay Thai improves your cardiovascular and lung health

This style of boxing is an anaerobic and aerobic exercise, making it an ideal alternative to strengthen our cardiovascular system. Remember that it is highly demanding, and this is indicated so that our heart works much better. It allows oxygenating the brain thanks to all the oxytocin released to improve the blood flow in the body and to avoid the rises in blood pressure.

Similarly, it helps improve lung capacity for everything it demands and requires. It is likely that the first days you feel a little tired, exhausted, and even short of breath. With passaging time and the constancy of training, your lungs will become much stronger and resist more intense exercise for breathing better.

Before practicing Muay Thai, consult your doctor to assess if there is no factor against not allowing you to practice it. Avoid doing it if you suffer from lumbar or knee problems.