Andy Murray net worth

Andy Murray Net Worth and Fun Facts

December 15, 2019

Andy Murray is one of the biggest names in tennis in recent years, having won the Rio Olympics and topping the ATP rankings. Here we will talk about Andy Murray net worth and his some curiosities. And after a year off due to a hip injury, the tennis player prepares to return to the court in the traditional Wimbledon tournament.

Andy Murray net worth

His total net worth is 165 million US dollar. Some are confused about Andy Murray net worth. At June 2016 he retired from tennis world for his hip injury. It was on Friday in Melbourne.

The British champion has a long relationship with Jaguar and proof of this is that during WWF World Earth Hour he pledged to become one of the first Jaguar I-PACE customers. The promise was fulfilled and on Environment Day (June 5) he received his model from the hands of Panasonic Jaguar Racing rider Nelsinho Piquet. The Brazilian went to Murray’s training camp and made a special delivery before the Wimbledon season.

In an interview he received upon receiving Jaguar’s all-electric model, the athlete said: “It is important that we can all take small steps to live a more sustainable life and think about the actions we can take to take care of our planet. This is one reason I’m making the move to drive Jaguar’s all-new I-PACE. It’s clean and safe, but it also has the design and sports performance that suits my lifestyle. ”

Curiosities about Andy Murray

To celebrate this partnership between Jaguar and the British champion, we have selected five curiosities about him that will surely make you cheer for him even more at Wimbledon. Check out:

He supports women

Declaredly a supporter of the feminist cause, Murray has starred in some scenes in which he corrected journalists for sexist questions or comments. When he won the Rio Olympic Medal in 2016, a journalist asked him:

“You are the first person in history to win two Olympic gold medals in tennis. It’s an extraordinary feat, isn’t it? ”

At the same moment, Murray replied,“ Venus and Serena have won about four each. ”

Last year, he corrected another journalist who said Sam Querrey was the first American to reach the Wimbledon semifinal since 2009. Murray interrupted him and fixed him for a “male player”. While everyone laughed, the tennis player remained serious and repeated the statement when the journalist said he did not understand.

He is trained by a woman

In 2014, Murray called the French and former tennis player Amélie Mauresmo to be her coach. This was a great accomplishment in tennis history as she became the first woman to train an elite tennis player and reached number 1 in the rankings.


Murray has only one superstition about his competitions: He never touched a cup or a medal he was competing for because he believes it brings bad luck.

Childhood trauma

When he was 8 years old, he and his brother Jamie and he escaped a shootout at their school, Dunblane Elementary School. 16 children and a teacher were killed. Murray never talked about it, but in his biography, he says he hid under the principal’s desk with his brother.

In 2016, Murray was awarded the highest possible honor to a British citizen, who is the title of Sir, given by Queen Elizabeth II. By 2012, he had already been named Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).