A Short Biography of ROGER FEDERER

A Short Biography of ROGER FEDERER

March 20, 2017

Swiss tennis player. Roger Federer was born on August 8, 1981, on the banks of the Rhine, in the capital of the canton of Basel, in the mark that separates Switzerland from Germany. Son of Lynette and Robert Federer, she South African, the Swiss, its progenitor, until becoming its manager, made good the life of a representative of pharmaceutical laboratories.

Roger grew up in an environment of farmers and farmers, on the outskirts of Basel. Hence he is a simple guy, who does not feel at ease between executives in suit and briefcase.

First steps on the courts

He grew up with the image in his memory of two great champions in the All Tennis Club, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker when he saw on television the Wimbledon final they both played in 1989. He grabbed his first racket at age eight, but football and Ice hockey kept him undecided until the age of fourteen when he joined the Swiss Tennis Federation, where he had a bad time because he was subjected to intense surface preparation on land.

At that time, he had an unbearable character, so much so that when he trained in the high-performance centers of Ecubles in the German area or Bienne in the French, he broke an infinity of rackets that he threw against the ground when a blow failed.

A Short Biography of ROGER FEDERER

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Roger Federer

Then crossed in its trajectory the Swedish technician Peter Lindgren, who tame it until it could control its anger. Fruit of it and thanks for its excellent service and volleys, soon began to win local and national tournaments. He closed his junior stage in 1997, winning the Orange Bowl against Argentine Guillermo Coria. It was his first year in the ATP, where he started as the 700th in the world after being named “Best Junior” of the year.

In 1998, with only seventeen years made a debut like an absolute professional of the ATP. That year he played only five matches but finished in the number 302 of the ranking, which in a single year had advanced 398 positions. The following year can be considered the one of its authentic debut on the world circuit, because already it played several important tournaments, among them Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Miami, and Montecarlo. Finished, then, season 1999, happened to occupy the number 64 of the ATP.

The year 2000 was also learning, especially looking in the mirror of his modern idol, Pete Sampras, although the Swiss are a more versatile player because it adapts better to all types of surfaces, including land. That season already began to surpass the first rounds, and even reached the round of 16 of Roland Garros.

Unstoppable Ascent

In 2001 he confirmed that his projection was unstoppable. He reached the quarterfinals of the tournaments in which he did not pass the first round in 1999 and also won his first ATP title, the Milan Tournament, played indoors, and finished 13th in the ranking. He finished the following season as a revelation player in 2002, considered the year of his consolidation after winning both the Vienna and Sydney tournaments, as well as the Hamburg Master Series. He also reached the final of Miami but failed at Wimbledon and at Roland Garros, which prevented him from reaching the second place in the ATP ranking. It was sixth.

At the end of 2003, the Swiss star finished second in the ATP Champions’ Race after winning seven tournaments: his first Grand Slam (Wimbledon), and the Houston Open, Marseille, Dubai, Munich, Halle and Vienna; That is, on all surfaces. In addition, it was proclaimed champion of the Masters Cup, when defeating in the end to Andre Agassi by 6-3, 6-0 and 6-4.

On September 13, 2004, he officially became the champion of the ATP Champions Race, a ranking in which he scored the most important tournaments of the year. Since the creation of the Open era in 1968, he was the player who soon reached the first place of this classification.

Thus, Federer, who humbled the excellent Australian player Lleyton Hewitt in the final of the United States Open (6-0, 7-6 (7-3) and 6-0), also snatched him the first place in the world ranking (Number one in the world) to the American Andy Roddick, perhaps the only two tennis players, along with Juan Carlos Ferrero of Spain, who could make him shade in this new decade of the 21st century. In addition to winning in the United States, he won two Grand Slam titles (Australia and Wimbledon), five Masters Series (Indian Wells, Hamburg, Dubai, and Toronto) and the Houston Masters Cup.

Since the creation of the ATP in 1990, Federer, with his three Grand Slam, became the second tennis player to conquer in the same season three of the four big tournaments since in 1988 it obtained the Swedish Mats Wilander. Tony Trabert (1955), Lew Hoad (1956), Ashley Cooper (1958), Roy Emerson (1964), and Jimmy Connors (1974) were all equally well-off.

At the end of 2003 Federer broke with his coach because he was convinced that he did not need a coach: “When I’m on the court I play, not him. I learned so much, that I felt prepared to take care of myself, and for that, I only use a friend as a sparring, “he said. For his part, Lundgren commented: “He spent all day playing the PlayStation, and when something went wrong, he could not control his anger.”

A Short Biography of ROGER FEDERER

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The heir of Sampras

Since leaving his discoverer, Federer only resorts to his physical trainer, the Swiss Pierre Paganini, and his physiotherapist, the Czech Pavel Novak. His travels along the international circuit are accompanied by his parents and his girlfriend, former Slovakian tennis player Miroslava Vavrinec, who is in charge of relations with the press. In 2003 he also broke with the powerful IMG organization to create his own company (RF), formed entirely by his family and the friends that make up his environment, and which debuted on the market with the fragrance “RF-Roger Federer”.

Federer has fixed his residence in Munchenstein. With his compatriot, Martina Hingis, he is the pride of Switzerland, where in 2003 he was named “Best Sportsman of the Year” and “Swiss of the Year”. In addition, at the end of that season, the Association of Tennis Professionals proclaimed him “Best European Player”.

He is a fan of Italian food and cheeses, and his favorite animals are the lion and the tiger (though he takes care of his cow Juliette, which was given to him by a Swiss fan after winning the Gstaad Tournament). His favorite music is AC / DC and Lenny Kravitz, and he is a fan of FC Basel.

He combines his training with the practice of other sports, such as golf, football and downhill skiing, and dedicates a few moments to the march of the Roger Federer Foundation, which he created in December 2003 to serve the homeless children living in South Africa In New Brighton, near Port Elizabeth, and promoting sport among young people.

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