strength training tips

6 strength training tips for playing tennis (For women)

September 27, 2018

It is no myth to say that muscles burn more calories than fat. For this reason, among others, many women want and want to gain muscle volume in their bodies. But, where should we start strength training? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the minimum recommendation for strength training is twice a week. But this is not the only advice that we are going to give you today, no, because you must attend to these other six that will make your life better.

6 strength training tips

strength training tips

Strength training is essential for every ladies tennis player. If you have not enough strength, you cannot stroke and run accurately.

Find a better balance

Hitting the sack. We must calculate and balance the time we spend on cardio machines and what we dedicate in lifting weights. Women often turn to machines with the hope of maintaining their weight at healthy levels, but those that really come out victorious are those that find the right balance between both types of training.

Cardiovascular and gym exercises burn carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, in that order. Since muscle is composed primarily of proteins, too much cardio will reverse the muscle gains that we have previously developed. Try to limit the time of cardio exercises to HIIT sessions of intense intensity and short periods, which are up to 6 times better in caloric burn than a normal or steady state cardio.

Pay attention to the order of the exercises

Horizontal ladder Many women go to the gym without a prior plan . Most of them, with doing some exercise on some different machines, are already satisfied. What they do not understand is that the sequence of their exercises matters, and a lot. As a general guideline, work the muscles from largest to smallest size when performing full body workouts. It is appropriate to start with glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps since they represent 60% of the total muscle mass. Next, the work would focus on chest or back, followed by shoulders, biceps, and triceps. It is also advisable to perform exercises in which more than one muscle group is working at the same time.

Variety of exercises

Cardio with dumbbells Whether the number of repetitions, the amount of weight used, or the order of the exercises, having a wide variety of exercises prepared to work for the same muscle group, will improve your strength training plan significantly. Your body reacts to the stress of the exercise, and when it finds new tensions (such as lifting less weight and doing more repetitions or lifting more with fewer repetitions), it responds with the adjustment. The trick is to not let your body adapt too much time (weeks and months) to the same type of exercises.

Shorten rest periods

Resting between series To ensure a correct caloric burn with cardio, do not take your rest periods until 5 minutes between each series that I have seen a girl in the gym. To incorporate cardio into your strength routine, the goal would be to rest 15-30 seconds between sets. If you are combining combined movements, your objective will be to stop little or nothing between series. If you are doing a circuit prepared of machines and varied exercises, the ideal rest time would go until 45-60 seconds.

Specific work

Triceps with dumbbell Sometimes, especially for beginners, it is beneficial to stay away from full body training. If we all work the body in the same training at low intensity, we will not build the muscle volume we want. And if we do it at high intensity, you can get burned or injured. To change this, try to divide your workouts into specific days with determined body parts. For example, one day for the buttocks, quadriceps, and hamstrings, another day for the back and chest, and one day for the shoulders and arms. We will also add some core exercises at the end of each session.

Necessary muscle rest

Resting The muscles need rest to grow after being trained. A good balance of vitamins and macronutrients will make them grow as you want. We must not allow the rest time to turn against us, because if we rest too much, our body will have a bad time afterward, and could fall into injury. On the contrary, after a training regime that allows rest often, it produces better results. It is recommended to rest, at least, one full day for each muscle group. If we do high intensity, it is possible that you should leave 2-3 days of rest for those parts worked.

So you know, strength work is important for both men and women. The female sex should not fear to gain muscular volume by lifting a few weights, because using a correct technique and routine, they will sculpt their bodies like Michelangelo’s David. Do not let them fool you and, as soon as you enter the gym, ask for an exercise routine adapted to you, because the coaches are there to help you at all times