Month: April 2018

play tennis

How to choose a tennis racket?

Whether you’re a beginner or dream of becoming a great tennis champion, buying the right racket will make a difference in your practice and performance. Not all tennis rackets are the same, but each offers its pros and cons. If you plan to play tennis frequently, regardless of your level, it will be worth investing in a racket suitable for you. Follow our steps while buying a racket if you want to win a tennis match. In this article, we show you how to choose a tennis racket? Read More “How to choose a tennis racket?”

Unforced errors

Recommendations to reduce unforced errors in your matches

The unforced errors are those errors in which your opponent has not forced you to fail but still fail. So, the key here is not to fail and try to force the opponent to make that mistake taking advantage of the possibility if it does not put you in an uncomfortable situation. Below I give you a series of very simple tips that will help you avoid these unforced errors. Read More “Recommendations to reduce unforced errors in your matches”