How To Win In an Equal Or Stronger Opponent

How to win

The match, who draws your imagination, can be much more difficult than the one that will hold you in reality. I am aware of are players who believe that a rest before the match – it means going to bed earlier. So they go to nine in the evening, planning to sleep for twelve hours. Instead, they cannot distract from thoughts about the upcoming match, bad sleep. Read more…

Match preparation

The Match Preparation

Such measures lead us to achieve maximum efficiency in the match?

Here’s how it organizes an athlete tennis player. By stretching exercises to dietary advice. From research to the care of the concentration


All you need to be perfect from the very first “fifteen.”

For “Preparation of the meeting” means a series of measures that allow the player to give his best because if “Ready” physically, mentally and tactically to face the match. Read more…

Stiff Racquet

What are the benefits of stiff racquet?

The stiffness of the racket is an advantage or a disadvantage for the players of Club?

Few meanings essentially “positive” that can be attributed to the rigidity. Also with regard to the tennis racquets, few times it is heard cite the rigidity of a frame as one of its best characteristics, indeed. On the scales terms like flexibility and softness have always been most successful. It’s time to do some clarity on the concept of rigidity of a frame trying to explain all the implications, even positive ones. Read more…

Positive Approach to Race

Many professional players say that 20-30 minutes of relaxation before starting the pre-match warm-up are of great use for a positive approach. At this time in fact, self-analysis and self-critical observations are best received if it is physically and mentally calm.

This condition can be favored by being in a secluded place with a few disturbing elements (ex .: the gym, the club garden etc.), Or if not possible to find a quiet corner there can be isolated from the outside world by listening to your favorite music with a walkman. (eg. Nadal)

The players and the players “pro” like to live attest of the race in a special space reserved for them called “Players Lounge” (players room). This room is particularly valuable in the most important type Grand Slam tournaments where all players, famous or not, if they come from outside the areas reserved to the insiders are literally besieged by fans, fans and autograph seekers. Read more…

Play tennis

How to recover after a match or training hard?

After a match or hard training, the athlete feels tired, he has accumulated a considerable amount of so-called toxins fatigue, which causes a situation of acidity in the environment of his body.

The post intense engagement power should not only restore, should help the detoxification processes and reconstruction. In the body, in fact, you may be found to:

  • 1st Loss of water
  • 2nd Loss of salts
  • 3rd accumulation of acidic substances
  • 4th Emptying sugar reserves
  • 5th Wear of fabrics.

Read more…

Play tennis

How important to know how to play your opponent before a match?

If you do not know, the opponent will be the first games of the meeting to suggest the winning solutions to make inroads into our antagonistic game.

We must not forget that winning a tennis match is nothing more than solving for the first and in the best way a whole series of problems due to the type of opponent’s game and countless internal and external causes to the playing field (surface, environmental, physical, psychological, etc.). Read more…

Play Tennes

Want to improve your tennis? Here are 10 rules

Try to watch you play, you will make great progress. Everything has to be parametrized to your psychological characteristics. Here are the ten tips, with small private annotations, precisely, to the younger. It is fair to use special care, however, must be able to find the same geometry, the same basic rules, the same cornerstone principles. It applies to all instead of the analysis rule just to let you record a video when you are playing; relate their involving in the field allows you to improve a lot. Read more…