Nadal against Djokovic

Nadal against Djokovic: his great negation

Of return to itself, Rafael Nadal ascended yesterday another rung with a convincing performance in front of Stefanos Tsitsipas, the youngster who a week ago ruined his parade through the sand of the Caja Mágica in Madrid. Raising his performance considerably, the number two calmed the Athenian’s competitive momentum (6-3 and 6-4, in 1h 42m) and returned after four months to a final, the second of this season after which he played at the end January in Melbourne, against Novak Djokovic. Read More “Nadal against Djokovic: his great negation”

best tennis ball

The 6 best tennis balls of 2019

Although some players forget about it, thinking that it has nothing to do with the good game played on the court, the balls are great players that tennis is as we know it, and thanks to its durability, its boat and its structure they help both amateurs and professionals to give the best of each. In this article, you will be able to check which are the best tennis balls. We have analyzed what we consider the best in the market, having an unparalleled quality-price ratio. Read More “The 6 best tennis balls of 2019”

Tennis serve tips

Tennis serve tips: How to make a good serve

The question that most of my students ask me is how to make good tennis serve. A game of good and improved tennis serve moves you forward to the winning of the match.  To make good tennis serve it is not enough with an article, much less with a single tennis class. The tennis serves the most complex blow It exists and to perform well this blow requires an impeccable technique and a lot of practice. I hope this tennis serve tips will worth for you. Read More “Tennis serve tips: How to make a good serve”