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Why Is There a Difference In The Prices of The Tennis Camps?

April 11, 2017

Most parents are confused about play tennis, choosing a program and looking at the difference in camp prices. It seems strange that summer camps that offer the same sports training services, English classes, and full board accommodation may have such different prices.

For obvious reasons such as the country where the camp is made and its duration, are joined many other factors more difficult to appreciate but that condition the price in a very important way and it is necessary to take into account when choosing the right tennis camp.

In the specific case of Tennis camps

One of the main reasons is the number of hours of training each week. When choosing a camp, you have to consider the type of training that we want the child to do. Some programs offer standard training, aimed at children with little background and who want to learn more about a particular sport and technique. Other programs, on the other hand, offer intensive, high-performance training aimed at young people with a higher level of play tennis who wish to increase their technique and ability, as well as to perfect their sports talent.

The choice of one or the other will depend on the goals of the athlete and their level of play tennis, aspects that will define the price of the camp. But not only the hours of training vary the price of the camp, the quality of training is also a very important factor. Camps with more personalized workouts tailored to the needs of each child are often more expensive than those that train all children equally with a more standardized program.

tennis camp for play tennis

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Quality facts of tennis camp

The quality of training also depends on how many children from each work group, with a lower ratio of children per trainer the greater the attention each receives and the greater the price of the camp. It is also important how these groups are formed, young people will be able to take full advantage of their training if the groups have been formed based on the level of play tennis of each participant and not just considering their age.

Another important issue is the number of monitors per group available to the camp. Many times this question is not taken into account when choosing a campus and the truth is that the monitors are responsible for ensuring 24 hours a day for the safety of children, both in the camp and on the trips and Excursions.

Arsenal-13But not only the characteristics of the workouts vary the final cost. The price of a camp also varies if it offers English classes. In addition, it is not only taken into account whether or not they are taught, it is also necessary to look at the number of class hours per week received by the students and the quality of those classes, that is, if the teachers are natives, Groups are small and English schools are accredited by somebody, such as the British Council.

tennis camp for play tennis

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Apart from training and English classes, the price of the camps is also different according to the quality and location of the facilities in which it is carried out. The prices increase if the facilities are professional and have all kinds of services, if the training and English classes take place in the same premises and if the accommodation has all kinds of amenities and individual rooms. Therefore, more affordable camps usually have lower level facilities, rooms are shared by more people and students must make daily trips between trainings, English classes and accommodation.

City-Tennis-Language-School-19In addition, when weighing the prices of the camps we should also look at the supplements they offer to the children during their stay. For example, many camps include in the price a sports kit. Others include several excursions and alternative activities in their price, without the children having to pay tickets or transport at the exits. And others even offer within the price the pick-up service of the child at the airport closest to the camp.

Therefore, when choosing a campus is necessary to look at the specific characteristics of each, as well as its price. In all cases, the most important thing is to choose according to the child’s tastes, their sporting interests and whether or not they want to receive English classes.