What Do I Need to Play Tennis With Handball

What Do I Need to Play Tennis With Handball

December 22, 2019

Playing tennis involves choosing the right clothes, each player can choose the clothes they want according to the brand. It is important that it be done so that our performance can improve. The equipment is fundamental to favor the movements of the player. In the case of this sport, it is not only about garments or tennis shoes but also accessories such as rackets.

What do I need to play Tennis with Handball:

  • Some short pants
  • An elastic t-shirt
  • Tennis shoes
  • A racket

Steps to follow:

Good sneakers allow adequate and constant movement of the feet throughout the tennis court. The tennis shoes are flexible, adapt well to the foot and favor the player’s adherence to the field during the movement.

Elastic shorts that help mobility and allow the player to perform with ease and agility. The pants must also have pockets to store the balls when the serve is made.

An elastic shirt composed of synthetic material favors the movements of the trunk and allows the body to perspire well. Many players usually change their shirts during games.

A tennis racket is necessary to practice this sport, as it serves to hit the ball and fulfill the main objective of the game. The rackets are different depending on the size or composition of the net and can also be changed during the match.

What do I need to play Handball

Handball is a sport that is played as a team, 7 against 7 and consists of scoring more goals than the rival team in a goal defended by a goalkeeper and 6 players who are 6 meters away. The ball must be thrown to the goal by hand. To play handball, we need sportswear, T-shirt, shorts, indoor shoes with a candy sole, especially for handball.

The handball has four measures, size 1 children, up to size 4 which is the size for professionals, to better catch the ball the resin is used to catch the ball better and make the ball not slip. It is interesting to wear knee and elbow protectors.

Choose clothes with the appropriate measures. Choose the racket that best suits your hand