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What Are The Main Tennis Hits?

April 6, 2017

One of the most important aspects of a summer tennis camp are the training sessions and tennis strokes practiced on them. Some offer programs adapted to all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) with a duration and frequency that varies depending on the selected campus.

In tennis, as in other sports, there are a number of basic moves or strokes that every player must know and master. For those players who are starting out in this fun sport, here is a brief summary of the main tennis hits that the boy’s train and perfect every day in our camps.

Standby position

The ready or waiting position is how to prepare the body for the movement it is going to perform. It is a balanced position and allows fast and powerful movements in any direction.

This position is the same as that used in many other sports. The back should be kept straight and slightly forward with the hips and knees bent. Body weight should fall on tiptoe.

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Right hit or drive

The right stroke or drive is one of the simplest tennis strokes for teaching and learning in the short term, if not the easiest to exercise. In fact, every student who starts to play tennis or without teaching has started in this sport, knows how to give the ball with this blow. It is the one that is most used in the daily practice or in the game.

The right blow consists of giving the ball after the pot, directly, on the same side of the skillful arm of the player. It is a blow from the bottom up, as this movement allows a moderate amount of topspin (effect) to help raise the ball above the net, and also gives enough blow control to prevent the ball from falling out of the limits of the track.


The reverse is the blow on the side opposite the drive. Despite being a natural mechanical blow, it is usually one of the most difficult to master when starting out in tennis.

It is very important the position of the body, which should be placed in profile. Like the right blow, the weight of the body moves back and forth at the moment of impact.

Also, as with the drive, in the stroke of tennis reverse, there are different variants depending on the effects and ways to hit the ball. The backhand can be a flat, lifted or cut.

The use of one or two hands to carry out the blow depends exclusively on the adaptation and naturalness of the student.

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Service or service

Many tennis coaches coincide in pointing out that the service or serve is the most important blow of the tennis, since it starts the point and can allow the player who takes to be in a position of advantage after the return of the opponent or to achieve an ace (Point gained without the opponent touching the ball). You can also achieve the point if the rest does not reach the net or exit outside the limits of the runway.

In the training sessions of the camps, it is deepened to teach the technique of movement and launching of the ball in a way that is assimilated by the student as natural as possible.


The volley is the blow that is performed before the ball dribbles on the ground. In a very high percentage of occasions, it is executed near the network to define a point. It is a blow that requires being carried out with great speed and reflex

The volley is executed by carrying the opposite foot to the side where the ball is going to hit, from top to bottom and taking advantage of the force that the ball itself brings. The blow that is used to reach the network in a play called ” approach” or approach shot.

Top Smash

The smash or shot is a blow that is performed on the head with a movement very similar to the serve. Generally, it is hit with all the force that is able to generate the player and it is a winning shot. Most shots are implemented near the net or half the court before the ball dribble.

In order to be effective, it is indispensable that it be very powerful and that there is no possibility of response on the part of the adversary.


The left is a stroke in which less power is printed on the ball with the intention of falling as close to the net as possible on the opposite side. It is usually made of the drive, although it is also possible to do it backward.

It should not run very often and always at the last moment, to surprise the opponent, who expects a shot in the background.

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The blow has to be short, short and very precise in order to prevent the opponent from reaching the ball before the second boat, otherwise, it will have an easy hit near the net

The backlash is the response to a hit, to which the player arrives before the ball dribbles a second time on the ground. It is a counterattack resource and is usually done from near the network.


The balloon is another of the simpler tennis strokes and is used to pass the ball over the opposing player or to make a defensive background game. It runs both drive and reverses.