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Want to improve your tennis? Here are 10 rules

October 24, 2016

Try to watch you play, you will make great progress. Everything has to be parametrized to your psychological characteristics. Here are the ten tips, with small private annotations, precisely, to the younger. It is fair to use special care, however, must be able to find the same geometry, the same basic rules, the same cornerstone principles. It applies to all instead of the analysis rule just to let you record a video when you are playing; relate their involving in the field allows you to improve a lot.

Play Tennes

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1) Exercise playing: Training the resistance, you know, is vital. But you can do it by making it a pleasant activity, interesting but also with very specific purposes. A good physical condition will determine many components of your tennis.

2) Get used of muscles: You have to give importance, already during training, the heating going to create similar situations to the athletic feats that recreate in the match. Also you need to involve the muscles that will be most affected (for example with a low-side stroke). Great importance, in addition to stretching, must be given to joint mobility.

3) Duty: is useful to train the second phases of work intermittently providing little recovery. So you can go to accustom the body to energy demand that will occur on the tennis court. To do so, with smaller, you can also invent some games (cops and robbers or handball, for example).

4) Are in imbalance … Play the technical movement with the racket in disequilibrium situations it helps to have the utmost confidence in the fundamental and thus can improve the technique. Also with regard to the smaller, in this case, one can also speak of the pre-tactical work, aspect which then will gradually developing with age.

5) Use tools: You have to get used to, since little boys, to work with the aid of small tools, like the strings or rubber bands. It is a fundamental aspect in the course of their tennis development.

6) Speed: Training the speed of isolated movements is fundamental, which is on the lower limbs of the top ones. It is a job that you can begin to do as a child. For the upper limbs, you can throw and catch the balls of different sizes and weight. For the lower limbs can be adopted instead of general pre-athletics techniques (skip it, kicked the race …).

7) The dribble counts: It is important to repeat the work they go to enhance the technical aspects associating parallel to the athletic side. This is fundamental continuity, which can be found by repeating and repeating exercises on the dribble.

8) Eye lens: When you exercise, you have to achieve certain goals. And you can do it by combining the fun aspect and that of the race. The important thing is that you will be encouraged to achieve the technical or tactical goal set before the session.

9) Then the race: For all players, especially those aged 16 years and older, it becomes crucial confrontation. To do that, there is only one-way: to take part in tournaments.

10) Concern: Having the opportunity to be regarded in the field is really important. Video analyzer the match played means finding strengths and weaknesses to correct. Based on the analysis of the meetings you can get back on the field to work on the different technical, tactical and mental.