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Training In a Highperformance Tennis Camp 2017

April 12, 2017

One of the doubts that parents may have when choosing a tennis camp for their child is the choice of the type of training program. Play tennis camps are designed, in general terms for the boys to have fun during their summer vacations, although there is also the high-performance tennis 2017 very oriented to the complete improvement of the player.

The practice of sport, meeting new friends and participating in the activities of the camp becomes an enriching experience for the young or adolescents.

The tennis training is one of the cornerstones of the programs since it is an activity carried out daily and which will spend much of the time they will spend in the camp. That’s why it’s so important to know what program is best for our child, to avoid uncomfortable situations such as targeting a high-level kid on a standard training tennis 2017

The same happens in the opposite case. If our child enjoys playing tennis but not for professional purposes but for pure fun and we include him in a high-performance program, he may be discouraged to see that he is not level enough and that this causes boredom, fatigue or frustration.

There are tennis camps that offer both types of training and others that only offer one of them. Let us explain what each one is and to whom it is directed.

Standard Training

The tennis training standard is the most common in the camps usually offer it all. This training is divided into groups of 6 to 8 people and is divided by level and age. It is the common training that can be given to any tennis club. Depending on the age of the participants, the training will be more or less intensive and will be combined with games and other activities.

Not rated as high performance does not mean that it does not serve to learn all the techniques of tennis and to improve the game and the skills of the boys/girls.

The time dedicated to this type of tennis training is usually 3 hours a day (depending on the camp), so it is very common to combine with English classes and with a multitude of activities the rest of the day.

Who is this type of tennis training for?

This training is ideal for any tennis fan, who usually plays in his spare time or is aimed at this activity in a local club. It adapts to all tennis levels and to all ages. For example, the Emerald camp in Ireland offers this type of tennis training.

High-performance tennis training 2017Play Tennis

The 2017 high-performance tennis training is not offered by all tennis camps. It is a   more individualized tennis training than the standard program because it focuses more deeply on the needs of each player to improve the participants’ weaknesses and further strengthen their strengths.

With few exceptions, this program is designed for students of a certain age (from 12 years), since it is physically more demanding than the standard training program. The intensity of this program is quite high since the daily sessions usually last 6 or more hours.

The level required to access these types of programs is advanced because the player must have prior knowledge of the technique and be accustomed to the intensity of this type of training.

Who is this training for?

When it comes to choosing a 2017 high-performance tennis camp you have to take into account the demands and dedication of this type of training.

This program is directed either to students who are very serious about this sport, they already have a high level and want to take advantage of the summer perfecting their technique from the hands of the best professionals or also, those children who still have an average level but They look for a very intensive training to improve their skills quickly and accurately.

Now that you know the difference and what is a high-performance tennis training, we will explain the characteristics of the camps with this type of training more oriented to professional tennis. We have four high-performance camps at several academies, which simultaneously offer annual programs for boys and girls looking for a longer experience.

Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy

The extent Juan Carlos Ferrero has been one of the most important in the history of the Spanish sports thanks to which he obtained the definitive point so that the selection secured his first Davis Cup in the year 2000. Ferrero already retired, directs the training in his academy, that Offers a summer camp for boys and girls from 12 to 18 tennis

During their stay at the camp, students will train between 33 and 38 hours from Monday to Saturday, Ferrero_30You can also enjoy English or Spanish classes. Training sessions are divided into three types: training technical track, training, physical training and Mental or psychological.

One of the great advantages of the Ferrero high-performance tennis academy camp is that each player will have a personal trainer, who, after examining him, designs a personalized training plan.

The academy has up to 20 tracks of different materials, although most are of clay. On the other hand, the fields of play and the residence are in the same place, the seat located in located in Villena, Alicante.

Brugera Tennis Academy

Another extent,  Sergi Brugera , also owns its academy in Barcelona. This academy has a high-performance tennis camp for boys and girls ages 11 to 23 who are looking to train as much as possible and get the full potential they have tennis

In total, the students will have 32.5 hours of training per week, sessions divided into three hours of work on the track dedicated to the tactical-technical part and footwork and 2 and a half hours of physical training. English and Spanish classes are offered in the afternoon. This academy imposes the Brugera method, which consists of covering all the sports and personal aspects of the student to achieve an integrated training.

The residence and the training tracks are located in the same enclosure, which facilitates a lot of concentration and makes the students not have to ride every day on a bus to go to practice. The facilities are of very good quality, the academy has 16 tennis courts (clay and fast), swimming pool, soccer field, gym and much more.

IMG Florida

IMG is one of the best sports academies in the world and is located in Florida, United States. Due to its facilities and a large number of types of sports programs offered by this academy is a great option for the tennis players, since in your tennis camp you will also train with a great team of technicians. play tennis

IMG Florida’s custom tennis programs have 20 hours of training a week and feature the famous Bollettieri method, which is the director of the tennis area.

In this camp, they take great care of the physical and mental preparation of the students, in addition to the food, in order to obtain a total preparation of the boys and girls.

Along with tennis training, participants may choose to teach English, although not compulsory. The lodging and sports facilities are in the same place, a Marco campus that IMG has in Bradenton, Florida. For training, they have a gym, swimming pool and about 52 tennis courts of different material.

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy play tennis

The last high-performance 2017 tennis camp we have is the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in Biot, France. This academy was created by the prestigious trainer Patrick Mouratoglou, current coach of the world number two, Serena Williams.

In this academy, students will have about 4 hours of training a day from Monday to Friday, sessions in which they will have practice on track and physical and mental preparation. Mouratoglou considers that his academy is not a school of tennis but a school of life, where a tennis player not only focuses on improving the technique but also its values, formation and personality.