Improve your tennis picks

Tips to improve your tennis picks in matches

August 10, 2017

If you want to significantly improve your tennis looting in your matches you must learn to throw the ball. It is said that in 50% of the effectiveness of your tennis serves influences how you throw the ball at the time of the service. This makes a lot of sense since it is useless to have a very good tennis draft technique when we cannot carry it out by throwing the ball in a bad way.

How to improve tennis picks

Improve your tennis picks

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Usually, players depending on the type of tennis loot they are going to make throw the ball at one point or another, except for professional players. Who often to hide the type of serve that they are going to do throw the ball always to the same point. And what varies is the spin or effect that print to the ball. Although there are always small variations between flat tennis, lift and cut when the ball is thrown.

The normal thing is that if you are going to make your tennis serves

The first serve is flat and of power, we throw the ball to him just a little ahead of the drawing of the imaginary line of the foot that is facing upwards.

The goal we seek is to be able to transfer the weight of the body better to the ball forward to achieve the leverage effect. the entire force of the tennis loops not only reside in the arm. This will achieve a more powerful pull with less arm effort.

Generalizing a little the particularities of each player

We normally observe that the second serve of tennis with effects is usually thrown the ball following that imaginary line of the forward foot. Now the ball will end above our head to achieve a greater course of the racket in the envelope of the ball that is the one that produces the effect.

The height of the tennis ball in the tennis goal is that when we hit the ball with our arm this is completely stretched. Since one of the most frequent errors in amateur players is that they throw the ball very low to make the serve. When they hit the ball, the arm is shrunk so that the transfer of body weight to the ball cannot occur. So, losing a very high percentage of the effectiveness of the service making it a more defensive than offensive serve.

Improve your tennis picks

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I call attention to be very careful that many of the balls that are left on the net or are outside the box serve have their origin in how we throw the ball. I explain; If you throw the ball in your tennis look too far in front of the body. What will happen is that when you hit the ball, the strings of your racket will be facing the net or towards the ground and the ball will not logically pass over the network.

If you throw the ball too far back

What probably happens if you do not know how to solve that bad shot of the ball with some effect. It is that the ball passes over the box of serve by bouncing out of it. You have to be able to find the break even where we can execute the blow comfortably and not be too far ahead or too far behind.

Roger Federer: “If you keep your serve, you can do anything in the rest”


I want to end by remembering that throwing the balls to the sides outside that point of balance is another of the mistakes. That is usually made and will force us to make an overexertion to hit the ball, forcing the column. It possibly over time We could cause back pain. To solve this problem, what is usually done and levels of initiation that do not dominate the effects is that the hand. We throw the ball is pointing to the table that we want to take out when our goal is to get completely flat on non-professional levels and thus avoid To be diverted to the sides.