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The secrets to playing a successful double tennis match

April 25, 2017

As you well know, playing a doubles tennis match is very different from playing an individual play tennis match. It is no coincidence that the first players of the ATP ranking in the individual are not the same as in the ATP doubles ranking.

Tips for Improving Doubles In Play Tennis

The double tennis matches are based on a completely different tactical game that must be known not only to play doubles matches better but to enjoy watching them as a spectator since these matches are a real spectacle of tactical play and an opportunity to play. To the tennis with a more social approach to being 4 players who participate.

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One of the most important aspects to master is tennis since this is the first blow of the point and it is the one that will allow the opponent to be inconvenienced in the return of serve so that he can go up and conquer the net with his partner of doubles that initially was in the network.

The types of more effective serves in a game of doubles are the very open lofts with a lot of angles that allow taking the rival of the track, another very effective tennis kick is the kick to the body to make difficult the armada of the blow and if you dominate the server of Tennis will be an extremely useful resource, as the high balls will give you time to get on the net and you will also be able to annoy the opponent.

Another aspect to consider in doubles matches is to develop a good drawback, remember that your opponent when you pull out will try to conquer the network immediately and if you have a good return of service you can put them in serious trouble.

To achieve this, you can get a little more on track and cut the range of motion to be able to subtract more speed of reaction and power. Andree Agassi was one of those who mastered this blow to perfection, so much so that he came to be considered in his time the best subtractor in the world.

On the other hand, to become a good doubles player you must master the volley to perfection since the purpose in a doubles match is that both players conquer the net to pressure the rivals and define the point quickly. If you are a subscriber to the free newsletter you will have been able to see in the first lesson how I explain the tactical traffic light, therefore you will know that when you are on the network you must define and win the point.

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The dominance of the angles in the doubles matches is also key, since in a match of doubles the tennis court in broader the value of the corridors of doubles, is for that reason that the crossed blows to having generally a rival in front in the network and worth the doubles halls, is an excellent strategy to play crusade that will bring you great benefits.

The game of doubles as his word says it is played in two, so from a tactical and mental point of view is very important mutual support. A teammate who encourages and raises you morally in the hardest moments is priceless, which is why both must have a strong mental strength to hold together the hardest moments of the game and know how to get out of them.

It’s not the same as a doubles partner who in a moment of great pressure reacts by shouting to you to take off the matter and tell you a few words of encouragement, these simple gestures can change the direction of the party completely.

I hope these secrets for the doubles tennis matches give you little lights to be a better double and encourage you to live the experience of playing more doubles matches in your club with your friends, which I am sure that knowing these secrets you. You’ll spend a lot better to see how much your level is higher by becoming a much tougher mental and tactical doubles player.