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The direction in the tennis serve

July 29, 2017

Tennis service when you learn to take out, you do not conform to the tennis serve to pass the net and enter the service box. It’s time to start thinking tactically and what you have at your fingertips at this stage is to control and change.  The direction of your serve to not be so predictable for your rivals.

There are mainly three large areas where you can direct your tennis serve

  • The outer corner of the service box.
  • The center of the box.
  • The inside corner of the box.

The outer corner of the service box

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The outer corner of the service box

When you take the outside corner, you are forcing your opponent to completely leave the track to reach your tennis. So, he will be forced to leave large holes discovered after his rest (return of serve), with what you. It will be easier to put your opponent in trouble if you succeed. Although not everything is good with this type of service since it is also true that your opponent can get a corner closer and get you on track with your return of serve turning your rest in a winning rest.

This is why it is so important that even if you play a good tennis match in any of the three areas, you should always immediately after taking out. Take a step back if you do not decide to go online and do that split or reading jump with Both feet. It will allow you to remain alert in the position of prepared with the majority of the weight in the tip of the feet and to be able to anticipate better to the remains of your rival is what it is.

Center of the box

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center of the serve box

If you do not want to take you out on the court with your serve to the outside corner and at the same time run the risk of providing good angles also to your opponent. You can opt for the serve to the center area directing the ball to the opponent’s body. It will bother Enough the return of his tennis serve and it will be very complicated to pass to the offensive only with his rest so he will be forced to work much more the point if he wants to happen to dominate it.

Inside corner of the box

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Inside corner of the box

The other area to which you can direct your tennis service is towards the inside corner of the service box. The option depending on which of the two service boxes you are pulling. This area will suit you or not get you upside down from the opponent or Your right and another occasion. the area will serve you to play to the lookout.

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It is very frequent to see players who cover excessively the outer corner in the return of the serve for not wanting to get too much off track and it is there when we could change the direction and send the serve to the inner corner. The surprise factor here is the key to success.

Changes of the direction

The changes in the directions of the tennis serve are intended to stop being predictable as players when it comes to taking out and having our opponent to the expectation of where you will make your next serve and this uncertainty is born tactical opportunities In the tennis game.

The visualization works that are worked on in the mental training course in tennis also help to increase the effectiveness in the direction of the throw of tennis since to the extent that you work this skill you can visualize the type of service and direction before taking out In parties and effectiveness increases. This is a technique that ATP players train and that is why they have their routines before taking out.