tactical application in tennis

The cut effect (Slice) and its tactical application in tennis

September 21, 2017

Sliding hit on tennis and its tactical tennis application

As you know tennis is a sport of resources, it is what in the language of war is known as weapons. Each type of strike is a resource or a new weapon and at the time of the game, it will not be enough to have a variety of blows. But also, to know how to choose the right moment to use each one of those resources and thus be able to optimize its potential.

tactical application in tennis

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The resource of which I want to speak to you in this opportunity is the one of the cut blow or also known as slice. This is a blow that provides an effect to the ball in which it is rotated on its own axis towards you. When producing this effect, it is achieved that the ball has a downward trajectory and by the friction and rotation of the ball with the ground will cause the boat to be lower. With this type of blow, you can achieve depth with a very low boat although there are variants that will give you different depths. So, your ball can bounce on different track progressions.

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Throw the ball and hit

I want to clarify for those who are not familiar with this language so technical that when I speak in depth I mean the distance that will be the place where you throw the ball that you have hit and the bottom line. Increased depth means your ball will bounce closer to your opponent’s bottom line.

The cut or slice strike is an ideal hit when you want to play at a slower speed and your balls go flush with the net.

Remember that,

The greater effect cut smaller is the safety in that blow as your ball will pass to lower the height of the net. At the same time, you can achieve greater depth in your balls with very low height which is very uncomfortable for your rival.

tactical application in tennis

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It is quite curious that a blow that is considered defensive to its speed being smaller can do so much damage since its low height is going to force your opponent to strike almost always below its waist. For this reason, this blow can also be offensive and cause many problems to the rival.

We usually see that most players use this effect with backhand, volley and serve with. Although it is also used a lot in approaching hits or upload to the network as well as the famous drop shot printing a small variant that we will not address.

Knowing how to use this type of effect in your strokes is also an excellent resource to change the rhythm of the point, going from lifted to cut and vice versa.

I recommend using this type of effect in fast tracks where you can maximize the impact that your low-ball pot has on your rivals. Something that would cost a little more to get on clay courts which are slower.