The Coolest British Sportsmen ever

October 28, 2021

When it comes to cool, you don’t have to look very far for Sportsmen meeting the criteria. In Britain, we’ve had more than our fair share of them. There will always be some debate about who the coolest ever is, but let’s look at all of them equally. These are just a few examples; there are certainly many more out there to choose from. One thing is for sure to maintain the level of coolness; some Tommy Hilfiger Menswear from would undoubtedly be most welcome.

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  • Daley Thompson. The Gold medal-winning athlete oozed cool and perfection. Not only did he rub it in the American Carl Lewis’s face by pointing out he (Thompson) had to excel at ten disciplines and not just Running and long jump, he whistled the National Anthem in his typical anti-establishment style as well. He played football for Mansfield Town and had a classic ZX Spectrum game, “Daley Thompsons Decathlon based on him. All this and a handlebar moustache to boot.
  • Bradley Wiggins. The Tour De France and 5 Olympic golds in the Velodrome and on the road, show that he was a fantastic athlete. Off the track, he was a snappy dressed Mod, easily taking the best dressed BBC Sports Personality ever to grace the stage.
  • Lewis Hamilton. He comes from nothing, straight out of Stevenage, seven-times Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton is not just about the driving. He is a committed equality advocate and is pushing for a greener approach to the sport as well.
  • Andrew ‘Freddie” Flintoff. The Cricketer who could always be relied upon to get you a wicket or score some decent runs, Freddie is by far one of the coolest to ever pick up the Bat and Ball. Fred is a legend, from going on an all-night bender before meeting the Queen to saying he was an alcoholic to get some Christmas beers for his team touring Pakistan. After Cricket, he’s been a Boxer, TV star on Top Gear and a League of their Own, performed with the Magic Mike Strippers and even been a male model.

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  • James Hunt. Sadly no longer with us, James Hunt was the typical Playboy Racing driver. He was pleased to get to the Champagne part of the race and then try and catch the eye of an adoring fan or two. He was so 1970’s in his attitude he almost seemed like a walking caricature of the whole period. He had a very successful stint commenting with his friend Murray Walker. He tried to ban his commentary from being broadcast in South Africa during apartheid. When this attempt failed, he gave his payments to anti-apartheid organisations.  He died of a heart attack at just 45.
  • Barry Sheene, Hunts good friend and general partner in crimes of 1970’s excess Barry Sheene just chose to race on a Motorcycle instead. He is, to date, the only professional motor racer of any kind to have space drilled through his helmet so he could have a cigarette without taking it off. He died aged just 52.