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The ball easy

October 24, 2016

Because the ball easy is wrong so often at the highest level? Because it is an optical illusion and emotional. Optics since it generally is so close to the opponent’s field that makes you forget something important: there is still the network to overcome.

Instead often attracted by a “fifteen” easy, the network is unknown: it’s like there was more. But there is. The other illusion is emotional, it is a tragic set of emotional factors.

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There is such anxiety to seize an opportunity now seemingly easy. Then there is the “duty” to not make mistakes because that, hitting a ball easy, is what we expect from ourselves and it is also the one that everyone else, including opponents and any spectators, are expected.

Make the point to all sounds obvious and without merit: appears shameful. That’s why fail the ball easy cause an immediate drop of self-esteem, it leaves a bad impression that cancels the good has been done previously, causes anger, disappointment, uncertainty shame indeed. That’s why in those moments is very common insecurity sink into quicksand happen to recreational players, but also to the athletes and professionals.

What happens after the error? Sometimes luckily there gets up again, especially if you manage to win that game. But often mind and thoughts remain long linked to blunder and then remains an intangible feeling of doubt: so when it happens the next ball easy tension can multiply, sometimes the arm trembles or shorter, haste increases and another fool is lurking.

So the fact, it is this: precisely because of its apparent simplicity and for the psychological implications, it follows that the ball is easy … monstrously difficult. So what to do? Well it should treat it with seriousness and concentration it deserves, making the appointment to find most attention. Then if, despite everything, you were wrong, absolutely you must learn to forgive having firmly within himself the knowledge that it was (because of the apparent simplicity) of a psychologically difficult shot.

What we have to do? get into the mindset of the true professional that after having failed spectacularly easy ball knows to treat it for what it is by assigning the right value: only a “fifteen” lost and nothing more.