automation of tennis technique

The automation of tennis technique and causes of stagnation in tennis training

February 13, 2018

In this article, I will discuss the process of automation of the tennis technique and why the inactivity in learning the technique usually happens. I invite everyone to the debate and later to share opinions in the comments section. In this way, we will enrich all the content here exposed. So, I invite you to leave your experience or opinion after reading the article.

To begin, it is important to ask the following questions:

Why is the automation of the tennis technique important?

How can you achieve the automation of the technique?

automation of tennis technique

Automation of tennis technique

What are the main causes of a stagnation in the learning of the tennis technique?

To answer the first question, I want to start with a sentence:

Repetition with the purpose gives beginning to skill. This phrase is key and very important when we want to automation of tennis technique. If we repeat the same technical movement, we will thus liberate the conscious mind from being focused on.  This way, we must strike from a technical point of view. Only this way we will be able to happen to think about the tactical spec to be able. Thus to construct the point better and to return again to start in this same process of automation but now working the tactics of tennis.

All these aspects go together and intertwined. It is if we want to improve our tactical game, we must automate our technique of tennis since it is very difficult to think of so many things at once during the point, besides that the reaction times during the point are very short, so it is necessary for your subconscious mind to react. This   I said in the video called   “the curve of learning in tennis” this video you can find in, there commented that the subconscious mind is 100 times faster than the conscious. So, in times where the reaction times are so short, you have to train your conscious mind to shut down and your subconscious mind to act.

automation of tennis technique

automation of tennis technique

In the first phase of the process of creating the automation of the tennis technique, it is important that the movements are very natural and according to the technical fundamentals, in this way, the automation process will be faster and more effective.

There are three main things you should note in order to determine how fast you will progress as a player:

  1. How much time you have invested in working the automation when practicing that same coup focused on the technical fundamentals of tennis. It is true that measuring time is not measuring progress but the time you invest will inevitably help you make progress as long as you are practicing it the right way.
  2. The level at which you have automated your strokes, that is; if you still have to think of each blow from a technical point of view, you still have a way to go in this area, for example: if you still have to think about how you have to get the racket to perform the correct grip, you are in a phase of the automation process still so the speed with which you will progress will be conditioned to pass this stage of technical automation.
  3. The level of motivation you have as a player.

The latter, the level of motivation of the player is key as it will largely determine the first two: that is. The time in which you will spend training and this, in turn, will influence the level of automation and naturalization of the blow as part of a natural whole.

Motivation is almost everything when motivation is lost it is very difficult to be willing to pay the price that has to be paid to get progress.

That is why when you work the mental strength of a tennis player, the first thing to be taught is to determine your level of motivation and then give you the tools to increase and keep it very high.

Automation of tennis technique

Automation of tennis technique

The player who dominates the aspect of motivation has the gasoline necessary to travel that long path of the transformation of the mind. Since as we know, achieving mental strength is the longest process of all but once you achieve it you become practically unstoppable.

When a player stagnates in his training and does not improve his automation of tennis technique, the main causes are usually:

  • Fatigue from excessive training.
  • Saturation for receiving too much information.
  • Do not receive any information.
  • Your physical condition is very poor.
  • The player is not motivated. It is one of the most important of all and in which most do not know how to measure it, how to increase it and how to keep it high.

I hope this information will help you to create much better your tennis workouts when you are in the process of strengthening your automation of tennis technique.

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