The Children and The Defeats

Tennis Tips: The Children and The Defeats

February 22, 2017

How often teachers or parents of children tennis players hesitate to know when to start competing, or if that guy will be in the technical and psychological conditions of going on the pitch to play a tournament. There are cases of successful professionals competing at an early age and others who do so in their teens.

It all depends on the ease and structure of the child. There are many children who are very coordinated at the beginning, others that their mobility is not correct, others that have a great facility, that one sees them running and move with great dexterity, then it is difficult to put an exact age of the first competition.

The Children and The Defeats

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I suggest starting 9 and 10 years to play tournaments, but in a limited way, trying to make the child notice that EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE A COURSE, WIN OR LOSE, YOU GET A GOOD EXPERIENCE.

The important thing is to emphasize that it is not important to win, to take that overwhelming stress that the children have to overcome and to direct that impulse in improving the technical part.

We must assimilate the defeats, but this is mainly for PARENTS since the child immediately after having lost a game is passed and is playing something else. Of course, they come out crying, but in 5 or 10 minutes they already forgot.

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Often parents are the ones who suffer the most and it is very difficult for them as they do not like to see their children defeated, especially if the rival of this shouts or celebrates the points. TENNIS IS A SPORT IN EVERY POINT YOU PUT YOUR EGO ON THE LINE, every point hurts if you lose, and every point you think the best if you win, but that a good environment around the child will help you overcome those hard Moments that they do not know how to handle and in this the parents and their training play a very important role.