Tennis, the Earth arrives. Adapt to change

January 1, 2018

Indian Wells and Miami were left behind and with them the hard track season takes a breather to leave their place on clay. Time for new approaches, analysis times and one of the many challenges that tennis players must face during the season, now it is time to adapt to clay.

Time for the change. The adaptation to the clay



A High Performance job that adjusts according to the needs of each professional player, depending on the tournament that will be played. The part of the season in which it is located and its objectives, which is why it is so important preparation and anticipation in the pursuit of success, whether sporting or personal.

Changes in time zone, climate, altitude, wind, balls, food, indoor, outdoor.

They are just some of the constant modifications to which the players of the professional circuit are exposed, in this case we will comment about what the change of surface implies.

Change the surface, change the needs and precautions

There are times of longer efforts and more fought games where it is not so simple to define a point and it is necessary to be prepared for that task. Something that I have always had in mind, since I started working with David Nabaldían. Tennis in Tierra Batida years ago, Maria Sharapova , and later with Janko Ti psarevic . For this the training with more emphasis on the different forms of resistance become more frequent and fatigue changes its characteristics, some may say that ” players get fatigued more or less. But I think that what happens is that they fatigue in a different way and that implies rigorously considering aspects such as:

  • Changes in the Specific Coordinations (Foot Drills or leg exercises)
  • Increase Resistance Works Specify Interval jobs (characteristic of tennis)
  • Optimize recovery processes using all available resources
  • Consider the fundamental importance of nutrition, hydration and supplementation
  • Create in each training the High Performance Context necessary to mark concrete differences

The preventive work of injuries plays a fundamental role in all aspects and progressively adapting to the typical slides of the beaten earth becomes essential.

Changes in the specific coordination


Specifically in the “foot drills” and exercises of dynamic range of movements that include the varied gestures of tennis allow to work with greater stability and thereby reduce the risks of injury, endemic evil of tennis players. elite.

In terms of favoring the recovery processes; we must be cautious.

The optimization of the use of such resources as massages, regenerative cardios, some techniques coming from oriental disciplines, compensation exercises, saunas, contrast baths and flexibility exercises performed in due course, help us to cut recovery times and allow to our players to be ready more quickly for new efforts. A condition so necessary in the tournaments of the professional circuit that in addition to playing each week does not allow too many breaks throughout the year.

But it is important to clarify that the indiscriminate use of one or several of these resources ends with its effectiveness.

Intelligence in the design of the trainingTennis

Sharing ideas and preparing an Open Listening within the work team and cooperating between the different specialties will give the player access to take their potential to the highest level within their possibilities. The rest we will see on the tracks .