Tennis injuries

Tennis injuries: 10 commandments to prevent injuries

September 3, 2018

Constant physical activity has benefits for the body, but accidents and tennis injuries are some of the risks of practicing it. The bad practice of physical training causes serious consequences in the body. Recommendations of a specialist.

In these months before the summer we began to train “like crazy” with good intention, but sometimes, with little care. How much exercise is a lot of exercises? Respect the rest in the middle of the routine and do not forget the stretch are some of the recommendations when starting a workout. Keep reading: Where the 4 grand slam tournaments are played

Gradually, our society is aware of the benefits of turning to the movement as a healthy habit. That’s why when someone decides to start a sports practice must take into account their particular physical conditions, because if you do you will find an ideal activity at that time to do and others that you can incorporate as you progress or progress in their physical condition.

Tennis injuries

Tennis injuries

Sportingly speaking, the practice without being in an optimal physical condition predisposes us to suffer injuries, before impact sports such as tennis, soccer, etc. If a person is overweight, their joints will be recriminated in the form of pain, their muscles may suffer from tendon-type inflammation, or worse, with a tear, not to mention their cardiovascular function, since there will be a lot of blood volume and air for a body that carries an overload on it.

Low impact

* It is preferable that those who initiate the practice of a sport, coming from inactivity, do so with more controlled activity, with little or no impact.

* Yoga and pilates, for example, will help you achieve more muscle tension, like stretching, cycling or swimming.

* When you go for a walk, keep in mind that it is a complex activity to which you must add the elongation at the end and during the practice it should be at a brisk pace, not looking at windows.

Tennis injuries

It can also happen that even with optimal physical training injuries are suffered and sports of more impact predispose us to suffer them. Although even the quietest activities can generate headaches if performed without control, hence the presence of the professional is essential to assist the person in their practice continuously.

The gym can generate some degree of complication if we are not consciously guided, although the mobility in the machines is controlled by the very act of the machine itself, controlling the weight, frequency or repetition must be variables to be taken into account for not suffer injuries, a fundamental factor and often not practiced is the fact of performing a complete stretch of all muscle groups.

Now, why is stretching important after physical activity? It is known that all movement generates an organic residue that is lactic acid, this component is stored in the muscles and makes them rigid predisposing them to suffer injuries, for this reason, it is important to eliminate it and it is the stretch that is in charge of accelerating the elimination process.

Commandments to prevent tennis injuries

prevent tennis injuries

1 – Control the weight. When we are going to start a weightlifting job, do a test looking for our ideal weight to lift; Do not do it without proper control since lifting inadequate weights can cause injuries. There is an assessment test, ask your teacher how to find the ideal weight to start. Remember between series and repetition series to rest between 1 to 2 minutes.

2 – Stretch. At the end of the actors take the appropriate time to stretch all muscle groups.

3 – Routine. Serial muscle groups to work well we do not exhaust, work muscle groups per day and rest the other and so on we are changing.

4 – Drink water. The idea is not to feel thirsty to start doing it but to drink beforehand to prevent the sensation that when it appears it is already late.

5 – Regulate the machines. The machines must be graduated for their condition in height, angle, etc. Do it before you start if you do not run the risk of starting inappropriately and thus be at risk of injury.

6 – Rest. Remember that rest is extremely important; allow yourself a time to do it. The muscle must rest to function better.

7 – Medical controls. Remember to control yourself adequately at the cardiorespiratory level before starting your exercise routine.

prevent tennis injuries

8 – Take care of the movements. Pay attention to the way you do the exercises and remember to ask for assistance if you are not clear on how to make a movement. There is no bad exercise, there are times and care that were not taken into account and are the ones that will bring us problems.

9 – Nothing is magical. Success comes with work, so escape from that easy way of doing muscles, because they are not natural. If you want to achieve physical condition help yourself with food and be regular in the practice of physical activity.

10 – Do not neglect the column. Since all physical activity predisposes the body to a demand, controlling the spine is paramount and a regular visit to the chiropractor can help alleviate sports injuries before they become chronic. You might also read: