Is tennis good exercise

Is tennis good exercise for someone who wants to stay fit

December 23, 2018

Is tennis good exercise for staying fit? Yes. Playing tennis brings many psychological, physical and physiological benefits. Tennis is a racquet sport that is played on a grass, dirt or cement court. The goals are counted when the ball bounces twice in the opponent’s field. Tennis requires a lot of coordination, strength, balance and aerobic capacity. The benefits of playing tennis, either as an amateur or as a professional, are very evident in the cardiovascular system.

Is tennis good exercise?

Yes. In a game, you can burn 330 calories in an hour, in an individual game you can burn up to 420. That is, practicing tennis daily can burn many more calories than practicing another sport.

Is tennis good exercise

Tennis improves agility, coordination, strength, and mobility

Practicing tennis regularly will considerably improve the above factors, since our body will adapt to the demands of the sport, gradually improving those skills necessary to practice it correctly.

Advantages of playing tennis to reduce blood pressure

Tennis is the ideal sport for the heart, being markedly aerobic, tennis strengthens the heart muscle and keeps the blood moving. When we practice tennis, we burn the fat that our body stores and that is responsible for the majority of cardiovascular diseases.

tennis reduce hypertension

Tennis is not only an aerobic exercise but anaerobic

By having periods of high-intensity exercise followed by periods of low intensity, we are giving our muscles the much needed anaerobic exercise that, above all women, we put aside.

Benefits of playing tennis to improve self-esteem

Tennis increases the levels of energy, confidence, and optimism, so your self-esteem will be through the roof. Also, you will lose those extra kilos that made you so complex.

play tennis

Improve brain health

By requiring strategy and rapid thinking new connections are formed between brain neurons, connections that will be vital at the time of aging, it will keep our brain young and attentive for longer.

Improves dynamic balance

This ability is fundamental when making sudden stops and explosive movements; the dynamic balance is something that will remain with us throughout our lives, this will prevent us from falling and accidents from day to day.

Benefits of Playing Tennis for children

Benefits of Playing Tennis for children

Targeting children to tennis lessons brings the benefits mentioned above but also fosters in them the companionship, responsibility and instills a healthy sporting habit.

They will learn to control their nerves when they take part in a competition, which will be vital in their lives, since, as well as controlling their fear when participating in competition; they will be able to control the fear when presenting exams, making exhibitions and presenting works for school or Institute.

Tips for tennis

  • Acquire appropriate footwear and clothing: The clothing must allow perspiration and the footwear must have a very good grip to prevent slips and accidents.
  • Stretch before training; this will prevent injuries and warm your muscles to perform more.
  • Keep water within reach so that you will avoid dehydration.
  • Play within your possibilities, do not over-demand your body.


It is not recommended that you practice tennis if:

  • You suffer from some muscular injury.
  • Suffering from diseases that affect muscles, ligaments and joints, remember that tennis is a high-intensity sport.
  • You suffer from cardiovascular problems; you should not practice tennis unless you have started a conditioning program prescribed by your doctor, stress or heart that is already sick can have fatal outcomes.
  • If you have not practiced sports before, consult your doctor and start a fitness program.

The benefits of tennis are for the whole body and act integrally in each structure and psychological component of the person. If you like this sport practice it, you will not regret it.

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