tennis fitness

Tennis fitness: A dry and tonic body with tennis!

June 11, 2018

What if I chose tennis? Having established that a sedentary life entails an infinite number of disadvantages, both physical and mental. The choice of the most suitable sport for us is fundamental to guarantee the duration of our commitment to carry it out. Let’s know about tennis fitness and tonic body with it.

The sports are divided into two macro-groups, those mainly aimed at achieving aesthetic results and psychophysical well – being (gym, exercise bike, yoga, pilates, etc.). Those that make the body work very hard but are mainly games and competition. Among the latter, there is tennis fitness. Keep reading: 10 amazing and useful tips for healthy sports you must need

Tennis fitness with perfect body

tennis fitness

It is not a sport suitable for everyone, in fact, to learn how to play it at a level that allows you to have fun it takes a lot of time and effort. Hours and hours of lessons, not cheap, not always in comfort conditions (rain, cold and wind in winter, and great heat in summer, since in Italy 90% of the fields are outdoors).

But if you find you have a good coordination and see the improvements if you realize you can also be competitive, then it can become a great passion and the hours and hours on the fields will no longer weigh you, indeed you do everything to find the time to stay there.

It is a sport that can be learned even after 30, and at the beginning, it is better to find a good teacher (there are in all the circles) and to do with him a series of private lessons, one or, better, twice a week. Get advice from him which racket is most suitable and also the size of the handle (they are not all the same!).


tennis fitness

The shoes must be that specific tennis, to avoid slipping, but above all to make you hate by the owners of the fields because non-tennis shoes ruin the surface. I also suggest to you, to get excited, to watch a few Rafael Nadal games: it’s hard not to be captivated by his way of moving, his energy, his fighting spirit … look at him, and convince yourself that wanting is power. To get to a competitive level, to do tournaments and championships you can, it takes years, but it is not impossible, even as adults.

But tennis at an amateur level can be a very pleasant way to keep fit, despite having some contraindications, especially because it is an asymmetrical sport.

Hit balls accurately

tennis fitness

Practiced with consistency has an exceptional toning effect especially on the buttocks because it forces to run and hit the ball always bent on the legs. It’s an aerobic sport and therefore involves a considerable caloric expenditure, above all because being an amusing game time passes quickly and you can play even two or three hours, you feel less fatigue, compared to for example the race that is monotonous and takes care of the hand clock (usually we run the minimum time we have set ourselves and we can not wait for it).

It can be contraindicated for those suffering from back pain and in any case, I advise anyone who plays to keep the posture under control: if you have any problems you can visit a good osteopath. In fact, the muscles often work badly and become inflamed because the continuous asymmetrical movements put our body “off-axis”: a good osteopath will solve the problem quickly and will help your body to find the right attitude even on its own, as you are more trained.

The ideal would be to play tennis three times a week and do some athletic training for tennis fitness.

tennis fitness

Training example:

  • Half an hour of exercises for the abs and for the arms (with light weights) to do even at home in front of the TV. If you have time even every day.
  • Exercise bike once a week (never before entering the court because it weighs down the legs) for 40 minutes of which 10 minutes slow and without resistance and 30 minutes with resistance (not too much) and alternating rhythm (1 minute with pedaling at maximum speed and 2 recovery minutes pedaling without speed).
  • Run twice a week for 40 minutes of which 10 minutes of heating and then 30 minutes of repetitions (one minute at maximum speed and two minutes in fluency to recover). You may also like:

Two other important tips:

Always apply sunscreen with high protection, even in winter. In fact, you do not notice it but if you spend many hours on the tennis court without sunscreen, your skin is exposed to all the damage of the sun’s rays for a very long time.

Always do 15 minutes of warm-up before entering the field. Especially in winter: just a simple jog, some circling of the arms and some exercises to loosen and warm up your back. Predict possible contractures, strains, and tears.
Have fun !! And, if you want more information and suggestions, I’ll be happy to give tennis fitness tips to you !!