Tennis Doubles Strategy

Tennis Doubles Strategy to Win Every Match Easily

December 24, 2019

The court has for many years racquet sport practiced in our country. However, the emergence of alternatives such as paddle tennis or squash has caused tennis to lose part of its share of practitioners. Even so, it is still common to find people who prefer tennis doubles strategy.

Tennis doubles strategy

One of the positive things about tennis is that depending on the moment you can choose: play individually or in pairs. If you have never done so, I recommend that you try to play a doubles match. It is hilarious, although it implies differences with the current version. I love it!

Tennis Doubles Strategy

Take out

It is possibly one of the pillars, but the most important in a doubles match. There are many possibilities that a good server has during its development; take out open, take out to the middle. Take off with a lot of pickets to have greater arrival to the net, etc.

You must discover what bothers your opponent, to base your service strategy there. Do not forget that varying is always useful, and in our public condition, knowing how to observe and discover what the professional is doing with their service throughout the game. Some are looking for their highest percentage of effectiveness.


The advent of big punches has produced in the last decade. It is a blow that is practiced alongside any other and is of vital importance to obtain the much desired “break,” which is nothing other than taking the game when our opponent takes off.

It is also very interesting to see the different mechanisms that professionals use when returning. There are those who walk away looking for time and space for assembly. There are those who “get” trying, perhaps, a faster and shorter path block, in order to lower the ball, finding the server in the middle of the net, with the ball at his feet. There are also those who, at an intermediate point and without moving too far away, “put together little” and try to give amplitude to its completion in order to achieve an impact that has weight, without having lost too much ground.

As in the service, it is very interesting to follow the details of the return of each of the players throughout the game. Discover the duel that is generated with the server in a permanent search for both comfort and performance.


This is another very important item in the doubles game. There is no doubles match without volleys.

Without the slightest intention of offending him/her, if you are playing in your Club, doubles match where you do not use this blow, or it happens in few opportunities, you are not really playing a double “as it should.” Passing the ball from side to side; I would be encouraged to say that even in time to chat with your partner during the game.

The professionals seek the closure of the play through this blow permanently. They are advancing in tandem, stepping, permanently agreeing on the crossings, etc.

The purpose is to win the net, not lose it, force the mistake of the opponent, and get the point from good service in “our 2 games”, and complicated returns in the remaining 2 games.

Close angles

The fact that the court is more open in the doubles match means that there are plays with a lot of angles and that the medium is also a coveted space for the search of the definition. It is interesting then, to observe how the players move to close the angles that were opened by the previous blow. In this way, they not only cover the most feasible area to receive the next ball but also force the opponent to execute higher risk shots.

I advise the public to be able to appreciate this point, not always to continue with the view, the trajectory of the ball, but in some cases, only look at the movements of a couple, even when the ball is in the other field.

Play as a team

Although it seems obvious, you are not playing alone with all that this means. In a long game, especially those of Davis Cup to 5 sets, and with the importance it has in most of the Series, obtaining this point, players go through different climates.

Their mental strength to cope with them will be vital as in any game, with the addition that in this case, the support of the partner, the word of encouragement. The attitude of always “pulling up” even in the worst moments, will be the essential support to achieve success.

A decayed body language on your part is disqualifying word with an indifferent attitude. A nervous outburst against will delay and perhaps even prevent the possibility of your partner getting out of the bad moment he may be going through. And don’t forget that this can happen in reverse.