Tennis Betting Overview

March 12, 2017

Tennis may not be the most popular sport, but without the doubt, it is one of the most followed and especially among the most bet, which has followed very closely and analyzed for several years.

What charms tennis is that there are many tournaments to bet on, and most players with a good handicap participate mostly in the Grand Slam tournaments.

Finding the value of bets for Grand Slam is much more difficult than for smaller events, so you need to understand some things.

How to bet on tennis matches

Quotas for small tournament matches are posted at the beginning of each week by most bookmakers, mainly on Sundays. While in the Grand Slam, these are made known much earlier.

This tennis guide is updated frequently with new tips and strategies. To see the bets analysis of our forecasters you have to click on the link below “Tennis forecasts”.

Tennis is increasingly betting every year and the goal of this article is to help bettors not only to understand how this betting market works but also the best betting options online.

There really are not too many types of bets on tennis to learn.


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To make a big bet, it is often necessary to find the value that is needed to analyze the other tennis odds.

You can bet on every game of a game of tennis through the main online bookmakers, which makes watching this sport in a much more exciting way. The problem is that if you do not have the right strategies, you will end up losing a lot of money, which is never fun for anyone.

Bet on the winner

The most common type of bet in tennis is betting on the “Winner”. This is simply to determine who will be the winner of a match.

Betting for Sets

This is one of the best betting options in the tennis industry. You can bet on the player you think will win, but you have to accurately predict how many games it will take to win. For example in a game with 5 sets.

In an ATP match with Nadal vs. Murray, you could bet on Nadal to win the tennis match (3-0, 3-1 or 3-2) or you can bet on Murray to win (3-0, 3-1 and 3- 2 ).

In tennis, you can bet on the gaming differentials. If Nadal is favorite with -4.5 on Murray and you have to predict whether Nadal will win by 5 games + or not. If Nadal wins 4 games or less or loses, bettors who put money in Murray to 4.5 games, could take advantage of the betting window.

I would not bet on the first set too often unless I identified a big advantage. It is not uncommon for the favorite player to miss the first set and then win the next 2-3 sets to win the match.

This bet is placed in a single set. Their goal is to predict the exact number of matches to be played throughout the match. If the game ends 7-5 it must have predicted that it would take 12 games of the set to win.

Payment chances are huge with this bet, but it is not easy to predict the right games and there is no handicap that will help you with this market.

You can also bet on the greater or lesser amount of games a player will need to win a match. This bet does not pay very well, but you can find plenty of value in small tennis tournaments. It is important to concentrate on the players of big serve for this bet since usually a great server will be able to win every game.

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Bet on the favorite to win the next tournament

You have to choose which tennis player you think will win the next tennis tournament. In online bookmakers, this bet is played “in each direction”, which means that you have a bet on the player who reaches the final or win the final (2 Bets). There are other future bets to wager on major Grand Slam tournaments as well.

Tie-break betting

Another interesting option is to bet if there will or will not tie-break. It is a type of bet similar to the Over / Under where it is determined by the number of tiebreaks in the match.

If it is two players whose strong point is the serve, this bet will be very useful, since it is normal to reach the tie-break and, even if they lose, you can always support their service to try to win the next set.

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