tennis basic rules

Tennis basic rules you must know before playing

July 16, 2018

Tennis is a competitive sport between two people or two teams composed of two players each. Tennis is originally from France, although its modern form originates in England in the nineteenth century. The opponents play in a court divided into two halves, separated by a rectangular mesh, as a gate, with an approximate height of one meter. let’s know the tennis basic rules. 

Tennis basic rules

Tennis basic rules

The International Tennis Federation is the body that regulates tennis activity worldwide. It is based in London. Keep reading: Best tennis shoes 2018: Choose your right one

The development of the party is divided into 3 parts called sets. A player must win 2 sets to win the game. A set is divided into parts called games; the first player to win 6 games wins the set. For this you must be with two games of advantage over your opponent, if not, continue until there is a tie to six games per side, at which point you proceed to a special tie-breaking game called Tie Break, where you decide the winner of the set.

How points are scored

Tennis basic rules

An annotation is achieved when a player, or a team, hit the ball with the racket towards the opposing court, and the player or players on the other side cannot return it correctly.

The correct return occurs when the ball is hit with the racket, and it goes towards the opponent’s court without touching the net, and without going outside the limits. The ball can bounce on the floor a maximum of once before being returned in the same way.

The first time a player gets an entry, he is credited 15 points, the second time, and he has credited 15 more points, to reach 30. The third time he is scored 10 additional points to reach 40. The fourth time a player scores, he is considered the winner of that game. If both players reach 40 points, the game is continued until one of the two scores twice in a row.

The special case is the Tie Break, where the points are counted one by one. You win by reaching 7 points, as long as there are two points of advantage.

Dimensions of the court and number of players

In the individual mode (one player faces another) the court measures 78 feet long by 27 wide (23.77 max – 8.23 m).

Tennis can also be played by teams of two players each (doubles), in this case, the width of the court increases to 36 feet (10.97 m), while the length remains the same at 78 feet (23.77 m). m).

Summary of the main basic rules of tennis

Tennis basic rules

It starts with a play called serve or serves, where one of the players must hit the ball with a racket to make it reach the opponent’s court, describing a diagonal arc inside the court. This must happen without the ball touching the net and causing it to fall into the rectangle that is in a diagonal position from where the service was taken.

If in the service the ball leaves the opposite rectangle, without touching the ground, it is marked as a fault, and the server has another opportunity to serve. If it fails again consecutively, then the opposing player is awarded the same.

If in the service the ball touches the net and goes to the opposite court, the server has two more opportunities to draw (a single opportunity if it is the second time he tries to draw).

The player who receives the ball in his court must return it by hitting it with the racket. You can return it before it hits the ground, or you can let it bounce a maximum of once inside your court. If you can not return it, the other player is credited. From the many tennis basic rules, we share some which you must know before start playing. You might also like: