Beach Tennis

Tennis and Beach Tennis: 10 Tips For Beginners

October 24, 2016

The equipment, the proper timing, contraindications and above all the physical benefits of a sport without age, explained by the several coach.

The summer season is the best time to engage in a sporting activity. The weather and the holidays return the desire to move outdoors and getting into shape. Tennis and beach tennis are disciplines suited to achieve this goal. In a circle in the countryside or on crowded beaches, today everybody can compete with forehand, backhand, service and smash. We asked an expert, any advice for people planning on picking up a racket for the first time. But also for parents looking for a summer sport for their children.

Beach Tennis

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1) The court has no age: You can start playing at 5 years and take the field until old age. Children below this threshold, however, must begin with special rackets and sponge balls. When you learn to play by adult learning it is slower, but you can get equally as much fun and great satisfaction. You can play tennis until you are older. Indeed, twice on Sundays between aged people it is a nice get-together.

2) The legend of the asymmetric development: That the development of the body asymmetrically is a legend. At times there was this problem because we played the backhand one hand, then his right arm was developed more than the left. Today during the lessons are conducted exercises to train both the right and the left hand. Then in modern tennis, almost all play the two-handed backhand, and then the left side is developed in equal measure.

3) The physical benefits: Let me be clear: the court is not the ideal sport to lose weight, because it has so many breaks and so it is harder to burn fat. From this point of view, the running and cycling are most suitable. The court, however, gives you a general well-being: it helps to develop physical strength and speed.

4) The psychological benefits for the little ones: For children it is very educational at the psychological level. This discipline shape and develop their character. It is a sport where you have to choose the right tactics to beat your opponent. Then learn to solve problems alone. You do not have the typical of team sports, or ‘alibi is the fault of Comrade’. Only in doubles, you can appreciable to this justification. For the rest in tennis defeat and victory they depend only on you and learn to lose.

5) A moment of relaxation for everyone: They often arrive in class ladies who have never picked up a racket, their approach is different from that of a child are to release tension of a week of work, to make movement and also to spend an hour in peace. Even the master’s approach has to be different: do not try to get the technical perfection and the aim is more on entertainment.

6) Fundamental Equipment: Aside from the racquet, a good shoe is essential for those who are playing tennis at all levels. Council to save money on clothing and spend more on the right footwear, it definitely helps to run well and takes away the risk of annoying blisters.

7) Contraindications: The courts do not recommend it to those who have heart problems, because the heart is very stressed, or have high blood pressure. If someone has anxiety disorders and panic attacks, it is certainly not the most suitable sports. Even at an amateur level, in fact, it charges you stress because it requires a certain mental application. As for people who have muscle problems, it is evaluated case by case to avoid worsening the situation.

8) Beach tennis: It has rules similar to those of the court, with the difference that it is much more rapid. Exchanges, in fact, take place quickly because the ball does not bounce on the ground. Compared to tennis, beach tennis can really practice it all, even people who have never picked up a racket, because you do not need any special technical knowledge. It is much more similar to the rackets.

9) Carefully about when to be: Beach tennis is played on the beach and so it takes a bit ‘of caution in choosing the time to play. Council not to enter the field in the middle of the day, when the sun is strongest. And then to avoid challenge someone after eating. There is the risk of getting sick.

10) Equipment for beach tennis: In recent years, the beach tennis is becoming a sport for all seasons. On the Adriatic Riviera, but also in England and in other regions where the weather permits, there are always the best equipped to play even in the coldest periods. Therefore, I recommend you to continue playing even in winter, by arranging a special shoe to protect from moisture. You will arrive next summer in better shape than everyone.