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Kind Of Tennis Courts Exist And Play Tennis

The tennis courts of Roland Garros, Wimbledon or the Australian Open are the most famous and important in the whole world, where we can admire the game of the best tennis players on the professional circuit. Although it would be difficult to choose which one is our favorite, no doubt the players participating in these competitions would have it quite clear: they would choose the tournament with the surface that best suits their style of play tennis. Read More “Kind Of Tennis Courts Exist And Play Tennis”

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Types of Tennis Courts

Brick powder

Brick dust can be built with natural clay, clay, or   Brick dust   Produced by the grinding of brick   Red. Spain   And Argentina   Have been characterized by a great development of tennis on red clay and the most famous tournament in the world on this surface are the Tournament of Roland, in Paris, whose tracks are built with red clay extracted from clay. Read More “Types of Tennis Courts”