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automation of tennis technique

The automation of tennis technique and causes of stagnation in tennis training

In this article, I will discuss the process of automation of the tennis technique and why the inactivity in learning the technique usually happens. I invite everyone to the debate and later to share opinions in the comments section. In this way, we will enrich all the content here exposed. So, I invite you to leave your experience or opinion after reading the article. Read More “The automation of tennis technique and causes of stagnation in tennis training”

how to win a tennis match

10 Tips On How To Win A Tennis Match (100% effective)

Dear Readers, today we will talk about how to win a tennis match. For those who really love it, tennis is not just a challenge with the opponent but it is also and above all a challenge with oneself. This is why a tennis player, more than any other sportsman, does not easily dispose of defeat. Winning undoubtedly is beautiful and rewarding. The feeling you feel after a victory does not last for as long as you feel after a defeat. Read More “10 Tips On How To Win A Tennis Match (100% effective)”

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Why Is There a Difference In The Prices of The Tennis Camps?

Most parents are confused about play tennis, choosing a program and looking at the difference in camp prices. It seems strange that summer camps that offer the same sports training services, English classes, and full board accommodation may have such different prices.

For obvious reasons such as the country where the camp is made and its duration, are joined many other factors more difficult to appreciate but that condition the price in a very important way and it is necessary to take into account when choosing the right tennis camp. Read More “Why Is There a Difference In The Prices of The Tennis Camps?”

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What Are The Main Tennis Hits?

One of the most important aspects of a summer tennis camp are the training sessions and tennis strokes practiced on them. Some offer programs adapted to all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) with a duration and frequency that varies depending on the selected campus.

In tennis, as in other sports, there are a number of basic moves or strokes that every player must know and master. For those players who are starting out in this fun sport, here is a brief summary of the main tennis hits that the boy’s train and perfect every day in our camps. Read More “What Are The Main Tennis Hits?”

tennis court

Types of Tennis Courts

Brick powder

Brick dust can be built with natural clay, clay, or   Brick dust   Produced by the grinding of brick   Red. Spain   And Argentina   Have been characterized by a great development of tennis on red clay and the most famous tournament in the world on this surface are the Tournament of Roland, in Paris, whose tracks are built with red clay extracted from clay. Read More “Types of Tennis Courts”

tennis racket

Understand the specific qualities of a tennis racket

Step 1: Keep in mind that a larger head will transfer more power to the ball in the stroke. The larger the head, the more power you will hit the ball, as long as the other factors remain constant (racket length, swing, etc.). This feature is one of the most important when choosing a racquet, since, normally, more power means less control. Do you often hit the ball too hard or, on the other hand, do you need extra power without disturbing your swing? Check the size of the head of your current racket and make adjustments according to your needs. Read More “Understand the specific qualities of a tennis racket”

How to quickly learn tennis?

How to quickly learn tennis?

If you have a childhood dream to play tennis, you learn to do it is never too late. The most important thing – it’s your desire. The rest will come with time and, of course, with regular workouts.

A half-hour intensive exercise will help to burn 300 to 500 calories, which means that tennis lessons to help get rid of the extra kilos.

In the course of the game are utilized almost all the major muscle groups, so that your body will be fit and relief.

Tennis will significantly increase the speed of reaction because to hit the ball, you must first notice it, and then immediately move and make a sudden movement. Read More “How to quickly learn tennis?”