Tactics in the rest or drawback

Tactics in the rest or drawback

September 16, 2017

When playing a game of tennis, it is normal for each player to try to win his serve. When this does not happen, it is said that there has been a break of the service and reading between lines the game. You will see how the break of the service in a weak opponent mentally supposes turn his mental break in most cases.

Especially if this happens at a key moment of the party. Learning to make the most of this double situation (breaking the serve and mental breakdown of your opponent) gives you the experience of many hours of games already played and won to your credit.

The other side of the tennis coin is the rest, or otherwise known as a drawback

Tactics in the rest or drawback

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The rest is a blow almost as important as the serve, since with a good rest you can break that situation of the dominance of your rival when you remove. Break your self-confidence that self-feeds and grows when all their serves are unbeatable.

The decision to make an offensive or defensive rest will depend on your opponent’s serve. If your opponent performs a powerful kick that bothers you. The decision should be to make a defensive rest behind the baseline to keep you alive at the point and technically speaking make a trimmed move. So, you do not hit late and hit the optimum hit and leap in turn with the power of the serve of your rival. This is the famous technique of the rest used by Andre Agassi that made it into his day the best subtractor in the world.

When your opponent has a weak serve or at that point his first serve failed, you could take advantage of entering the track to make a more aggressive rest, something that Agassi also frequently and dominated to perfection.

When you do not have too much control of your remains, the first thing I recommend when attacking the ball is to try with the balls crossed. Since the course that has the ball without leaving the court is greater than in the parallel balls. Also, the balls cross when passing through the lower part of the network you are less likely to fail.

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If in addition to crossing the ball you can get depth in your shots (near the bottom line) will be much better. As this will make your opponent can not attack and thus manage to keep him in the defensive zone of the tactical semaphore and as if it were little. You have completely taken off track with the angle you will get with these cross balls. Allowing you to create more free holes in the track where to direct your second hit and create a situation of dominance at the point.

Parallel remains are very effective too but the level of risk is higher

So, I recommend it when the throw of your rival is simple and short as when you feel more confident in your game or have trained well. It is advisable not to aim your shots directly at the lines but to aim 30 cm inside the line of the corridor in these parallel blows to get a margin of safety in your points.

Tactics in the rest or drawback

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The rest as I told you at the beginning is a blow that mentally affects your opponent a lot when you learn to turn it into a weapon. One of the most profitable players has gotten this type of blow as I told you, it’s Andre Agassi, who was considered the best subtractor in the world at the time. But what many did not see was how Agassi mentally eroded his rivals with his offensive remains and how he used this blow to change the course of his matches.

Remember, if the rest manage to make it as Andre Agassi did in an attack hit that gets the break-outs of your opponents. You will get mental breakdowns that will erode the confidence of your rivals in key moments. If you know to take advantage you can win matches that previously was very complicated to turn around and make with them.

If you want to discover how you can turn a service break into a break in the confidence of your opponent and turn a defensive situation as is the return of the service in a situation of advantage and mental domination I recommend the mental training program in tennis.

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