Step-by-Step Instruction for Beginner Tennis Players

January 6, 2017

Professional tennis coach

My name is Donald, and in the last 12 years as a professional tennis player, I have taught you how to play tennis for hundreds of beginners from 4 to 74 with this modern and proven way of teaching.

The way to teach tennis has changed over the last 10 years, and I have been in contact with the latest research methods, being a level 3 trainer in European standards, and professional tennis coach USPTR.

I even presented some of my teaching methods at the Training Seminar ITF in Bangkok in 2016.

play tennis

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Although learning tennis takes time, the process can be greatly accelerated learning techniques tennis and Movement of the feet in a correct progression.

Here there is a secret probably Impact

Tennis technique is only a small part of the skills and abilities needed to play tennis. Much of the online and on-court training does not recognize this.

They will teach you the technique but not HOW TO PLAY. Moving your arms in a “right” way but that has very little to do with being able to play tennis.

For example, they continue telling her how to finish each stroke, without considering that their biggest problem is to evaluate the flight of the ball and get to the right place in the second half of time you have available.

Having too many instructions in your mind makes your brain too busy so that it cannot calculate the ball’s flight and its correct timing.

The result is that the more you think about the correct technique, the worse your timing becomes and the ball tracking.

Consequently, you will probably lose the stroke, and the coach will probably tell you what to think about later so that this error does not happen again. Unfortunately, thinking more instructions about the technique will not solve the problem of thinking too many instructions about the technique.

Then the problem increases, and you find yourself in an endless magic circle of mistakes and over-thinking about how to correct them.

But no more

This package for beginners filled the gap, instructing him how to play tennis. As well as to hit the ball. It shows you exactly how to accelerate the motor learning process so that you are perfect much faster than beginners usually do.

Provides training to improve your ability to evaluate the ball. It shows you how to get rid of the stress that slows you down. And much more …

play tennis

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Because the best way to learn tennis is visually (Research shows that 75% of people learn visually, especially in teaching motor skills).

They will guide you in a modern and proven approach step-by-step, based on the game, That will let you play mini tennis in the first minute of the first instructional video!

It is for this reason that I am convinced that you will learn how to play tennis quickly and correctly and with a natural approach, based on your own game, that allows you to develop your own style within the basic technique.