start playing tennis in the wind

How to Start Playing Tennis in the Wind

December 22, 2019

Wind and tennis are two elements that do not complement each other. On the outdoor courts, as in most tournaments, the wind is noticeable. On some occasions, the players end up deranged before this climatic element. Let’s discover playing tennis in the wind. What should we do?

Start playing tennis in the wind

Tennis can be practiced in indoor or outdoor. When it is on a closed court, there are no problems with the weather, since all the elements are absent. In contrast, in outdoor tournaments, the wind is the worst enemy of the players. Therefore, the differences between the two are clear.

Outdoor play the vast majority of tournaments with weather factors that can change the dynamics of a match. When it rains the game is suspended, but instead, with the wind, it is rare for this to happen. Therefore, players must know how to adapt to these types of games in which their game cannot shine. These are the points to consider during a windy match.

start playing tennis in the wind

The service

The serve is one of the most important points in tennis. With the wind, the ball moves frequently and changes the direction constantly. A cut stroke must be used more frequently in the service since the throwing of the ball is lower. What happens if we take a flat serve? Well, the throwing of the ball is higher, with which the point of impact can vary, since the trajectory is greater. When cutting serve, the ball has less trajectory, ensuring our service.

The wind in favor

When the wind is in favor, it is not a matter of touching the ball, only the ball, since the wind takes it outside. What must be done is to give it a lot of effects or lift so that the air does not get the ball out? The aim of the wind in favor is to accelerate the ball a lot. The effect and strength we give the ball makes it more weight and can fall into the court to continue with the point.

The wind against

As we have said with the wind in favor, the aim is to give effect or lift to the ball but with weight. With the wind against you, play flatter, harder, and very important to help you with the body and go forward. With this, we seek that the ball does not fall short. In this way, the opponent does not have in the next blow a ball to attack and be able to take the initiative at the point.


The ball can change the trajectory with any small gust of wind that is felt on the track. That is why one of the most important points of playing with wind is movement. You have to move with short steps and not stop until you hit the ball. Move twice as much as in a game without wind, besides preparing the blow very well and in some things getting to shorten this preparation.

Mental aspect

First, assimilate that when you go to play tennis with strong tennis streaks, you cannot display your best level. He will win the one that is ‚Äúsmarter ” with this influential factor. The wind is a factor that cannot be controlled but affects both one and the other. Sometimes, it will harm you, and sometimes it will benefit you.

One key goes through not looking for many winning shots or to the lines, having a little more margin of error since the wind can displace the ball of our target. The wind can not make us come down, because then our strategy is diluted, and the only beneficiary is the rival.