benefits of sports massage

Amazing and incredible benefits of sports massage

March 28, 2020

Practice the sport you practice, how hard you train or how seriously you take your workouts. You must start thinking about the massages as in that indispensable complement you need to go up one level more in your athletic progression.

You must conceive manual therapies as the last piece that makes up the complex puzzle of any athlete. Whether you are professional, amateur or just a “warrior weekend”. You must give as much importance to the massages as the specific diet you take. The rest periods that you take, or the training system you use. Ostapenko and Stephens, a ‘Grand Slam’ final at the Miami Premier.

Sports massage is surely the last technique that you have left to insert in your “training”. But not for that the least important. Moreover, if we analyse the benefits of this, you will verify (in fact you will verify). It is at least as important as everything else.

We could define sports massage as the application of massage, with all the benefits that this entails in the sports field.

benefits of sports massage

Benefits of sports massage

Although there is a concept of the term not very broad (that is not wrong). It is primarily known for its use in the rehabilitation treatment of any athlete, during the long process of recovery after an injury. But its use goes further, let’s see some aspects in which we can also use sports massage:

a) It is a really important part of warming up. The sports massage prepares the muscles for the training session, or in its case for the competition. It increases the temperature of the muscles, favoring the arrival of blood to the muscles and stimulating their flexibility. He is in charge of awakening the muscles and at the same time preparing them for the exercise.

b) After “training”, sports massage enters its most relaxing phase. It helps the multitudinous structures discharge all the tension they have accumulated during training.

benefits of sports massage

Here I will pause a few moments to influence the aspects described in these first two points. As I have indicated previously, massage is universally known as repairing or as an element that accelerates the recovery of an athlete’s injury. Well, we must underline that the primary objective of any sports massage, breaking with the previously mentioned topic. It is the prevention of injuries, and not their cure. The main purpose of the sports massage is to take care of the injured athletes.

So simple, although it is also true that given the various massage techniques that exist and its wide range of possibilities and functionality. It may seem a little ironic to say that the same therapy serves to prevent it from curing “the disease”, but that’s how it is. Let’s not confuse this with the idea that prevention therapy is the same as rehabilitation therapy. Because although in essence, they can be similar or almost equal (both use massage as the “backbone” of the process). In practice they are different.

c) The third and last utility of sports massage is as a complement to the rehabilitation process that follows any sports injury. Each sports injury has a specific technique of sports massage. Thus, these techniques allow the rehabilitation of injuries such as bruises, contractual, tendinitis, sprains or muscle breaks.

At this point

It is very important to note the importance of consulting qualified professionals when deciding on any of the massages described above (pre-competition, post-competition or rehabilitation). The massage can be the best or the worst that has ever happened to you. So, never put yourself in anyone’s hands until you are totally sure that you are a true professional.

I hope this article has already clarified the doubts you had about what a sports massage is. Do not think about it anymore and give it a try. I assure you that you will not regret it and repeat it again. Greetings and continue with your healthy life and full of sports.

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