Errors in play tennis

Some technical errors in tennis and its solutions

August 2, 2017

Making mistakes is part of learning, and the one who has not been wrong is never because he has never tried something. So, I want you to see mistakes from now on as valuable information that will allow you to train what you need to improve.

Errors in tennis

Errors in play tennis

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One of the most common technical mistakes is to hit the ball too late. If this happens to you possibly because your opponent’s ball speed is greater than the one you are accustomed to. You must learn to perform full and short strokes. The full ones you can use when you are comfortable. You can arm your stroke in time. If you identify that your opponent’s ball speed is fast you can choose to cut the range of movement of the blow at this stage. If you hit in front of the waist, you can take advantage of the opponent’s ball force without problems.

This feature is commonly used in the rest or return of the serve. Since it is normal to find rivals that have a service with great ball speed and this resource will help you build remains of attack when you take out with great power.

Another common technical error especially in beginner players

They don’t have the fully automated change of grip, so that when the track background and the rival pool hits the net or increases the ball speed along with shifts in the direction of its blows. It is to say; it changes of turn it to the right to pull it upside down. It is at this moment when the majority of errors of handle take place and therefore a failure in the result of the blow.

Errors in play tennis

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The advice I want to give you today is to practice on a pediment with a low-ball speed the right strokes first. Then just back and finish the exercise doing a right and a reverse for 10 minutes with low intensity and some stops if you are very forced.

Just as striking late is detrimental

So, too is striking too early since there must always be break even at the point of impact of the racket with the ball relative to our body. Hitting too early on the ball will cause the elbow to be in the right and reverse blows too far from the body. So, it will be impossible to impress all the force on the ball and give us greater un control of the direction of the ball.

A handy resource to get more easily that optimum point of balance is to aim the ball with the non-dominant hand. The hand that does not have a racquet if it is a right stroke and if it is a reverse you do not have this resource.  So, your reference may be that the ball never overlaps your shoulder of the dominant arm. That is the one wearing the racket.

Another one of the most common mistakes

Not to take advantage of the weight of the body to transfer it to the ball, wasting the possibility of obtaining more power with less effort. When you learn to strike at breakeven, you will see how comfortable you are, and almost naturally you take part of your body to the ball.

To master this transfer of weight to the ball I recommend you in the position of striking take a small step forward just before hitting. You pass the opposite foot to the blow forward like a trampled at the moment of hitting to transfer the weight of the body to the ball. This small push forward in the hits will position you more as a dominant player and attack than a defensive player.

Feet on slow players usually see a common technical error that is to drop the ball before hitting it, which will prevent you from being an offensive player and a greater effort to pass the ball.

Mistake of dropping ball

Mistake of dropping ball

Mistake of dropping ball

To avoid the mistake of dropping the ball too much below the waist in all your strokes, I will recommend something unusual but very effective. Buy yourself a jump rope or jump rope. If as you’ve heard, but the jump rope that boxers use a lot. If you saw the movie Rocky, you will understand. If there is something they have to develop boxers to avoid the, no queen is foot speed. My students always insist that they have to master the jump rope to perfection and timeouts before training can train your foot speed and endurance with her.

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Making mistakes is part of learning

The next mistake is to hit too stiff without flexing the legs. Just as in tennis transfer force is the body to the ball in martial arts will your body to rival the body, so I want you to try to hit the ball with fully stiff legs and then do the leg curl. How is it simpler and more effective?

In this simple exercise, you can see how you flex your legs a little when you hit it is natural to transfer the weight of the body to the ball. Now go to a boxing bag and try to hit him with stiff legs and then flexing them. How do you get more strength?