Unforced errors

Recommendations to reduce unforced errors in your matches

April 16, 2018

The unforced errors are those errors in which your opponent has not forced you to fail but still fail. So, the key here is not to fail and try to force the opponent to make that mistake taking advantage of the possibility if it does not put you in an uncomfortable situation. Below I give you a series of very simple tips that will help you avoid these unforced errors.

The first recommendation is to avoid leaving the ball in the net

Unforced errors

This is common sense but sometimes common sense is the least common of the senses and we want to put too much pressure on the opponent by passing the ball with very small margins. Here if you are a beginner player I recommend you keep the ball a meter and a half high at the point and if you are an advanced player you can maintain this height thanks to very top-kicks to avoid losing speed but with a greater margin of safety.

The second recommendation is that you do not throw your balls biting the lines

Unforced errors

Looking for a greater margin of safety sending your balls to one and a half meters on the track, this margin of error is highly recommended to avoid outside balls that will end up giving away the point to your rival. Continue reading: How to make your children want to play tennis

The third recommendation is to play cross with that meter and a half high

Unforced errors

When you do not have it very clear, this will give you a greater distance from the track and therefore less likely that you will go out the ball, on the other hand your crossed ball will go through the lowest area of the network that is the center and if the height is considerable will allow you to recover your center with a little more time. Check also: http://magazinzoo.com/firstrowsports-similar-sites/

The fourth recommendation is that if you are not very sure

Keep the same direction of the ball from where your opponent sent you. It is less likely that you will fail. If for example you are thrown across the ball, respond with a crusade as well.

Unforced errors

Changing directions of the ball is riskier but that does not mean that you do not do it much less. But do not do it when you are a bit uncomfortable or do not see it so clearly.

These simple but powerful recommendations will help you reduce those unforced errors that can often make you lose matches that you could have possibly won. I send you a very strong greeting and I hope I have helped you.