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Rafa Nadal, a Life Of Constant Improvement

April 15, 2017

The tennis world has had in the past 10 years a referent who will go down in history as one of the most fighter athletes inside a track, is none other than Rafa Nadal, who despite all the difficulties has always managed to get out of the bumps with good footing.

The Manacorí has won 14 Grand Slam tournaments, being the player who has won more times on 9 occasions, as well as being the youngest player to win the Golden Slam, which consists of Win Wimbledon, Australian Open, Roland Garros, United States Open and Olympic gold medal. In total, 69 individual titles and still has a career, this year won the gold medal in doubles with his partner and friend Marc Lopez at the Rio Olympic Games.

Childhood and beginnings

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Rafa Nadal ‘s great liking for football is no accident since his desire to be a footballer was little, but for his luck, and that of Spanish sports, he opted for the racquet instead of the taco boots. His uncle, the famous soccer player Miguel Angel Nadal, was one of his role models, but his other uncle, Toni Nadal, would become his mentor and tennis coach to this day.

Toni has always imposed the words work and humility on Rafa since he started playing tennis, and he has not let his nephew’s career be destabilized by always imposing values that have never left out. About Toni Nadal always tells an anecdote that happened to Rafa when he was proclaimed champion of Spain with 11 years. After winning the championship, Toni taught his nephew a list of the last winners, there was only one recognizable that later turned pro, Alex Corretga. With this lesson, I wanted Rafa to see that just by being a champion now he was not going to have the future assured, that he should always continue working and not trust. Surrender is not a word they both use.

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The Balearic tennis player entered the ATP making history, with only 15 years became the youngest player to win a match inside the circuit. It was in the International Series of Mallorca tournament, where he came as a guest and won in the first round the Paraguayan Ramon Delgado. In 2003, he played for the first time a Grand Slam, Wimbledon, and also participated in the Open of the United States. In 2004, it becomes an important piece for Spain to obtain the second Davis Cup in the final against the United States winning to its number one, Andy Roddick. In 2005 came its definitive takeoff when conquering Roland Garros for the first time. Rafa began his idyll with this tournament, which has won a total of 9 times, the most in history.

Your family, an important pillar

The parents of Rafa Nadal and his uncle have never left aside and the manacorí has always shown gratitude to their parents. Since childhood, they have helped to combine studies and sport, something sometimes hard for children who start to excel in their favorite sport. Barcelona is one of the places with the most tradition of tennis in Spain and Nadal had options to train there, but his family did not want to be separated from them, since it is hard for young people at certain ages, so they bet he will continue training and learning with his uncle in Palma de Mallorca.

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In Palma, his uncle has prepared him on the basis of effort, motivation and the elimination of excuses. That is, he polished it to be one of the best, but at the same time not to faint and be a victim of success and fame. From small to now, win or lose, Toni and Rafa always analyze the games, either after conquering a Roland Garros or losing to the 250 number of the ranking. His work group, his girlfriend and other relatives are those who help Rafa Nadal keep his feet on Earth and overcome the injuries he has suffered in recent years.

The pains in the knees have persecuted to Nadal during many years of its race and still usually have some problems during the parties by the annoyances in both legs. In 2005 he began his ordeal, which did not intimidate him for titles, although according to his biography, that year he weighed retiring from tennis and engaging in golf because of an injury diagnosed by his doctors in a small left foot bone, in addition to his Continuous problems with tendinitis in the knees

At the end of 2007, he leaves to the step of new rumors of withdrawal commenting that he had pains in the knees, but that he was not going to leave the tennis. In 2009, he suffered tendonitis of the quadripartite tendon of both knees, which deprived him of remaining in the first position of the ATP after several years. And in 2012 comes the turning point in the career of Rafa Nadal, a forced stop long-lasting.

By the middle of the year it seemed like everything was going well, he won at Roland Garros by seventh, but by surprise, he fell in Wimbledon in the second round and canceled his participation in London 2012, where he wanted to revalidate the gold obtained at the 2008 Beijing Games. The chronic lesion in the patellar tendon of the left knee, so that Rafa would leave the tracks for 6 months. After his return, Nadal wanted to calm down and warn that his level was not going to be like the previous one to the injury and in the first parties, he was satisfied with feeling little pain and enjoying the game.

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From 2012, Nadal has continued to win titles and has been recovering a good level, although difficult to snatch the number 1 Andy Murray, The best tennis player today. Its competitiveness remains the same, as the Rio demonstrated this year winning the gold in doubles and fighting until the end in the individual category despite the accumulation of matches. Now he has returned in 2017 with more ambition and wants to look for his first great title after many months.

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