playing tennis in cold weather

Tips for playing tennis in cold weather

December 6, 2018

Although this year autumn has given us good weather, in some places the first snowflakes and the cold have already fallen. The combination of outdoor activities and family can be a good option to enjoy, despite the time. Some players are playing tennis in cold weather. Practice tennis with family allows us to share moments in which personal improvement is worked on. We learn to face complicated situations, in addition to reinforcing ties between parents and children.

The benefits are innumerable, both physical and psychological: the fun will be assured. The achievement of achievements will reinforce the self-esteem of the children, the reduction of stress, the increase of lung capacity, the improvement of memory, socialization.

Playing tennis in cold weather tips

playing tennis in cold weather

We must not forget that cold and accidents can play tricks on us. We want to make some playing tennis in cold weather to avoid accidents:

1. If we opt for a snow sport, the helmet is practically essential to prevent injuries in case of fall. In addition, even if it is winter, do not forget the high protection sunscreen or approved sunglasses , as the sun reflected in the snow can damage the skin and cause eye injuries.

2. The recommended clothing and footwear is the raincoat (type of snowsuit and boots) since the children will fall many times and we must avoid that they are wet. In addition, it is important that children wear clothes that fit their size. It is recommended to dress children with several thin layers, preferably with outer windproof clothing. Children should wear an extra layer of clothing that an adult would wear with the same weather conditions.

3. Do not forget about the children, when they are enjoying themselves. They may become tired and unable to recognize some symptoms such as cold and fatigue. You have to teach them to stop if they get wet or tired, to drink liquid or take nuts that will provide energy.

4. As in any sport, before starting it is advisable to stretch and warm the joints. This is especially important for cold sports.

5. Try to take advantage of the hours of light. From very early in the morning to early afternoon, when it begins to dusk as the cold begins to be more intense.

6. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, very consistent.

Young children playing tennis

Young children lose body temperature more easily than adults and are more susceptible to freezing and hypothermia. As they have a large evaporation surface, an immature control of body temperature regulation and a production capacity of reduced heat.

Stay safe from Hypothermia

Hypothermia happens when the temperature is below 35 degrees. Typical signs are tremor, lethargy, and in severe cases, neurological disorders and coma. There is more risk of this happening. The most common causes of hypothermia are:

Stay safe from Hypothermia

  • Do not protect yourself enough or with adequate clothing at low temperatures.
  • Cake in cold waters.
  • Wear wet clothes for a long time when there is wind or it is very cold.
  • Make extreme efforts without eating enough food or drink in cold climates.
  • If confusion or mental alterations appear, the emergency number should be called immediately.
  • Protect the victim of the cold. Take it to an area with a warm temperature and cover it with blankets or clothes. If this is not possible, it will have to be isolated from the wind, the cold and the ground. Cover your head and neck as they are areas with great heat loss.
  • If it is possible to take the victim indoors, it will be necessary to remove the wet clothes and replace it with dry clothes.
  • Try to warm the victim. In case the victim is conscious and awake, and can swallow easily, it is advisable to drink sweet and hot liquids, without alcohol.
  • Leave next to the person until medical support arrives.

Let’s enjoy sure of all the seasons of the year!