Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios finally gets serious

November 8, 2018

The Australian, potential No. 1 at 23, makes an amendment and confesses that he visits psychologists to strengthen his mind and redirect in 2019 his erratic career. Nick Kyrgios, 23, has admitted that he has put aside his problems “too long” and that he intends to deal with them.

The difference in tennis is mainly made by the head and in those games, Nick Kyrgios is a real disaster. Indolence, bad manners, ugly words, and obscene gestures punctuate his career at the moment with more thickness than his results, when it should be the opposite considering his gift with the racket.

What happened with Nick Kyrgios?

Nick Kyrgios

It happens that the Australian player is a potential No. 1 for physical and physical blows. So that, the diagnosis is clear if he wants to reach the top: improve his attitude and mental strength.

Regrettably, Kyrgios has shown at the moment to have so much facility for tennis as to self-destruct in seconds, a contrast that can cause discomfort to any observer to understand that the Australian could throw away so much sporting virtue.

Time will tell if he is serious this time, but Kyrgios is willing to make an amendment to get his career back on track. “This year I’ve been struggling with a couple of things both on and off the track and it has not been easy, but I’ve started to see some psychologists try to control my mental health and I’m sure I’ll be fine next year,” confessed in the newspaper ‘The Canberra Times’, his hometown.

Nick, 23, had already worked with psychologists in the past, also forced by the ATP in the aftermath of his outbursts, but the player says he is now more comfortable talking about his mental problems in order to redirect his situation.

Another chick comes out of the shell

Another chick comes out of the shell

“I had probably put all this aside for too long, but now I feel more open to talk about it. I do not feel I should hide this kind of stuff anymore. At the end of the day I know that I am very fortunate to travel around the world and play tennis, “Kyrgios said, also anticipating changes in his preparation.

“I’m working with my team to find the right balance in my calendar, something I have not achieved in the last two years, which I could not finish,” he added, often affected by injuries, such as the elbow that forced him to retire. at the recent ATP in Moscow.

Nick is the world No. 37 -13th in his best ranking- and adds four titles, barely crumbs with the tennis he treasures. It is a matter of head that reverses the situation.